Friday, December 31, 2010

Random Origin Stories

I was at some darling friends's house (is that right?  I just don't know :P ) earlier today, and we decided to play a game.  Basically we were writing stories to try to figure out the origin of random objects.  We ended up with some pretty hilarious stories. 
They're pretty crazy, but I hope they can lend some enjoyment.   'Cept the origin of Angel Food Cake... that's kind of morbid.  Oops. :]

Bubbles:  How They Came To Be
by Sophles

One day, many, many years ago, during the time of the cavemen, there was a man. With a six pack. This man was a caveman himself, very primitive. He loved to kill dinosaurs and show off for the pretty caveman ladies. This man’s name was Leonardozenphelion Asteriodolon leeDavid. People called him Leo. He was quite manly.

Happy Birthday to Me...

I don't remember much from when I was little.  It's pretty reasonable, I feel, to say that, because it's hard for me to remember little things (like if we finished that movie, or if I called that friend back) now.  When I was little was a while ago.
I do remember one scene vividly, though.  It was probably 2001 or 2002, when my brothers were playing in a little flag-football league at my church.  It was summer-- or maybe fall-- and the sun was out.  It was warm, and I had on a dress.  I was six or seven, and I was talking to two young mothers on the sidelines.
"How old are you?" One of them asked me.
I told her.
"Oh, wow.  Do you know when your birthday is?"
"Yep.  It's December 31st."  I remember nodding as they looked at me with admiration.  One of them might have said 'wow' or something close.  I kept talking, twirling my skirt as I did so. "So I have to wait a whole year until my next birthday."
They exchanged amused glances.  "Well, honey," the second one laughed, "We all do."
It took me a second to get what she meant, and then I realized... Everyone did have to wait a year before thier next birthday.  I blushed. Trying to save face, I amended, "Oh, well.  You know what I meant."
They laughed.

I was a really strange little kid.  But what I find the most strange of all is that no matter how old I get, I never feel any older.  I'm still me.  I change, but it's all so subtle I hardly notice.  And then I can look back at pictures or old journals, and I see: Oh, maybe I am different.  A little.
Still strange, but in slightly different ways.
But I don't feel any different.

Anyhow, happy 16th birthday to me and all that.  New Year's Eve.  It sounds cool to have a birthday on the same day as that wonderful day... Eeh.  Not so much.
But then, it sounded good to get an autograph with Matt Thiessen, and after that I was depressed.

Perhaps you oughtn't ask me.  But the, what did I tell you?  I'm parenthetically bizarre. :]

A thousand happy returns,

Monday, December 27, 2010

Update #3: Regret

Wrote this yesterday, in the morning, thinking of some people I've come into contact with... and haven't.
Not really a poem, not really a drabble.  It comes in three parts:  the first and last are to one person, and the middle is to a second.  If it makes no sense, bear with me.  I'm sure someday I'll write something that does. :]

I had to post it as an image, because the larger words are WordArt that won't copy-paste, and the layout is kind of a big deal, since it was hand-written on stickynotes before it made its way here. ^_^  Yes, I do write on anything I can find.
Anyway, it's pretty readable, 'cept that line just above 'Maybe it's for the better' which says 'And I blew my chance'.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Update #2: Shoreline

Inspired by Deas Vail's Shoreline. I don't feel that it makes much sense, except emotionally... but this is what the song sounds like to me.  What it feels like to me.
You should listen to it while you read, I think.  Maybe then it might make sense to someone.
It's meant to be read slowly, like the drabble Rain.

December 25, 2010

She’s been walking for a long time.
She can’t remember how long, exactly.  She remembers leaving her house—packing her small bag, slipping on her shoes, and starting off.  She didn’t know where she was going.  Though she told herself not to, she looked over her shoulder.  The house was lonely, but she couldn’t fix that.
And now she’s walking.  All the days meshed together, and the thing that’s most real to her now is the pain in her feet.  She finds it hard to get used to.
The sand is hard to walk in, but it’s all that surrounds her.

Merry Christmas

My family was reading the Christmas story this morning, and I couldn't help but be struck by all that is said and that which isn't in that little Luke 2 passage.
Jesus was born out of a miracle.  Miracles greeted his birth and danced in the sky, as more miracles raced to stand around His makeshift bed.  Miracles awaited Him when He went to the temple that first time, a little after He was born.  Miracles kept happening, leaving no room for doubt in anyone's eyes.
This was the Son of God.
This is the Son of God.
What hit me so hard wasn't any of that, though.  I realized that I can't think of a single time througout the gospels where the book flat-out says for modern readers, "This is God's Son!"  There are no neon signs, nothing screaming, "THIS IS GOD!"
There's plenty of evidence-- more than anyone could ask for-- but He lets us draw our own conclusions.
I love that about Him-- how He lets us choose.  He lets us determine.  Obviously we can't change reality, but still, that He would let us have a beautiful choice in our beliefs-- that is marvelous.  And yes, it's a simple thing, but really, it just makes Him all that more majestic to me.
Sorry.  You guys were probably expecting an update.  I apologize.  But I do want to wish each and every one of you a wonderful Christmas.  I hope it's filled with little miracles for you all as you remember the real Miracle of Christmas.
I just love our God. :]

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Update! w00t!

So I wrote a poem today.  While I was listening to 3union.  (I STILL HAVEN'T FORGIVEN YOU PURPLEHIPPOGIRL.  Say It Now is stuck in my head. >< )
I... am not sure where it comes from.  But here it is, for your reading enjoyment.  It's a little depressing, so I apologize beforehand.

Best Friends
December 21, 2010

She was only twelve when he came into her life
Her best friend was seventeen and obsessed with the word ‘wife’
It didn’t take a full day for the bug to take
And soon she was dreaming of him and weekends at the lake

And then the truth came out, and he got kind of scared
And in a game of truth and dare, decision he got dared
He said he’d like the best friend if it came to that
Best friend was forgiven, but any male must be a rat

It’s been four years and now she feels confusion
She’s met guys and wonders is what she wants what she’s chosen
She’s still holding back ‘cause she’s feared and she’s afraid
Holding down her heart, stuck inside the shield she made

She’s asking
What is love
Can anyone tell me
What is love
Or are scoundrels all they’ll ever be

Monday, December 20, 2010

Welcome to Parenthetically Bizarre!

I experienced the best day of my life on Friday.  I'd been meaning to hurry up and post so I can start sending ya'll here, and it wasn't happening, and it wasn't happening, and then I met Matt Theissen and now my life is perfect.  I wanted to share some happiness with someone.
Yes, I'm a pathetic fangirl.  Don't judge me-- it's his fault you're here right now, reading this.

So.  Parenthetically Bizarre welcomes you!  I hope you have fun reading what Iput up here.  It's pretty random, but a lot of you wanted to read it somewhere, so I thought I might make a semi-private blog where ya'll can read it.

I guess I should tell you some rules.  Here we go: