Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Update! w00t!

So I wrote a poem today.  While I was listening to 3union.  (I STILL HAVEN'T FORGIVEN YOU PURPLEHIPPOGIRL.  Say It Now is stuck in my head. >< )
I... am not sure where it comes from.  But here it is, for your reading enjoyment.  It's a little depressing, so I apologize beforehand.

Best Friends
December 21, 2010

She was only twelve when he came into her life
Her best friend was seventeen and obsessed with the word ‘wife’
It didn’t take a full day for the bug to take
And soon she was dreaming of him and weekends at the lake

And then the truth came out, and he got kind of scared
And in a game of truth and dare, decision he got dared
He said he’d like the best friend if it came to that
Best friend was forgiven, but any male must be a rat

It’s been four years and now she feels confusion
She’s met guys and wonders is what she wants what she’s chosen
She’s still holding back ‘cause she’s feared and she’s afraid
Holding down her heart, stuck inside the shield she made

She’s asking
What is love
Can anyone tell me
What is love
Or are scoundrels all they’ll ever be

She was only seven when her dad just walked away
Leaving her alone and hurting on that unfaithful day
She had no direction or plan for her future
Her mother gave up and chose to forget how to nurture

Now she’s twenty-one and she really gets around
She leads even a smooth guy on without a single sound
And she knows while she’s telling lies and breaking hearts
She knows she’s learned her hated father’s so much hated arts

The most broken heart of all is behind the kiss
She’ll have another drink to disguise all she knows she’s missed
She cries at home when they proclaim them ‘man and wife’
And she craves what can’t be named as she clutches tight the knife

She’s asking
What is love
Can anyone tell me
What is love
Or is alone all I’ll ever be

She grew up in the perfect place and perfect home
Complete with dad, mom, brothers, picket fence and garden gnome
Confident in who she is aside from some doubts
But those are daily combated by the Truth her heart shouts

She knows that she’s better off than her two best friends
She thinks that they were happy with their harmful trends
Or convinced herself of it so she doesn’t have to see
That hurting friends can help them become all they want to be

Unimposing, she keeps religion in a box
She tells herself they might catch it like the measles or pox
But she’s a 2D Christian, content on her flat, fake plane
In Tolerance’s name, she’s quiet and thus is inhumane

She’s whisp’ring
I know Love
Though I keep Him just for me
I know Love
But safe is all I want to be

At these three friends we’ll look, a few years down the road
They each continued in their habits, stuck in auto-mode
They’ve made their decisions, and paid the prices
They each tried to work out their lives with their own devices

One dies post a life alone
The other takes her own
The last lives her life ‘fulfilled’
Not knowing what she killed

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  1. I keep forgetting about this blog. But don't let that make you feel bad. I forget about my own blog. xD

    Anywaysss. I like this poem. Like... a lot. Very, very, very muchhhh.