Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me...

I don't remember much from when I was little.  It's pretty reasonable, I feel, to say that, because it's hard for me to remember little things (like if we finished that movie, or if I called that friend back) now.  When I was little was a while ago.
I do remember one scene vividly, though.  It was probably 2001 or 2002, when my brothers were playing in a little flag-football league at my church.  It was summer-- or maybe fall-- and the sun was out.  It was warm, and I had on a dress.  I was six or seven, and I was talking to two young mothers on the sidelines.
"How old are you?" One of them asked me.
I told her.
"Oh, wow.  Do you know when your birthday is?"
"Yep.  It's December 31st."  I remember nodding as they looked at me with admiration.  One of them might have said 'wow' or something close.  I kept talking, twirling my skirt as I did so. "So I have to wait a whole year until my next birthday."
They exchanged amused glances.  "Well, honey," the second one laughed, "We all do."
It took me a second to get what she meant, and then I realized... Everyone did have to wait a year before thier next birthday.  I blushed. Trying to save face, I amended, "Oh, well.  You know what I meant."
They laughed.

I was a really strange little kid.  But what I find the most strange of all is that no matter how old I get, I never feel any older.  I'm still me.  I change, but it's all so subtle I hardly notice.  And then I can look back at pictures or old journals, and I see: Oh, maybe I am different.  A little.
Still strange, but in slightly different ways.
But I don't feel any different.

Anyhow, happy 16th birthday to me and all that.  New Year's Eve.  It sounds cool to have a birthday on the same day as that wonderful day... Eeh.  Not so much.
But then, it sounded good to get an autograph with Matt Thiessen, and after that I was depressed.

Perhaps you oughtn't ask me.  But the, what did I tell you?  I'm parenthetically bizarre. :]

A thousand happy returns,

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