Monday, December 27, 2010

Update #3: Regret

Wrote this yesterday, in the morning, thinking of some people I've come into contact with... and haven't.
Not really a poem, not really a drabble.  It comes in three parts:  the first and last are to one person, and the middle is to a second.  If it makes no sense, bear with me.  I'm sure someday I'll write something that does. :]

I had to post it as an image, because the larger words are WordArt that won't copy-paste, and the layout is kind of a big deal, since it was hand-written on stickynotes before it made its way here. ^_^  Yes, I do write on anything I can find.
Anyway, it's pretty readable, 'cept that line just above 'Maybe it's for the better' which says 'And I blew my chance'.

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