Monday, December 20, 2010

Welcome to Parenthetically Bizarre!

I experienced the best day of my life on Friday.  I'd been meaning to hurry up and post so I can start sending ya'll here, and it wasn't happening, and it wasn't happening, and then I met Matt Theissen and now my life is perfect.  I wanted to share some happiness with someone.
Yes, I'm a pathetic fangirl.  Don't judge me-- it's his fault you're here right now, reading this.

So.  Parenthetically Bizarre welcomes you!  I hope you have fun reading what Iput up here.  It's pretty random, but a lot of you wanted to read it somewhere, so I thought I might make a semi-private blog where ya'll can read it.

I guess I should tell you some rules.  Here we go:

1. Be nice.  If it's mean mean, don't say it.  If you have something that could make someone mad but it should be said, say it with pretenses of niceness. Don't just be all, "YOU STINK."  If it's funny mean, be sure the person you're teasing gets that. (E.G., me and my friend Sarah pretend like we hate each other.  I don't pretend like I hate, say, Ashley because I know that would hurt her feelings.  That kind of thing.)  It's pretty much common sense.  Just be nice.
              1b. If you rag on anyone or cruelly make fun of my writing, I'll ask you to leave.  
               Don't be jerks, people.
2. Don't cuss.  It's immature.  I trust ya'll, but just in case I'm putting this up here.
3. No nasty links.  I'll take you out.
4. Don't give away personal information on here.  Again, I trust you all, but people I know from real life will be on here, and people I know from cyber-space will also be on here.  Don't say anything you wouldn't say on a public message board.  I don't want you to be shot by a stalker or have your identity stolen, my dears.
5. Along those same lines, this blog is by invitation only.  I want to keep this semi-private.  It is my writing, after all, and I don't want it stolen.  You can't get here by google, so only people who I send the link can come.  Please don't email/give the link away.  If there's someone who didn't get the link, or who you think I should send it to, please contact me somewhere outside of the blog to let me know.
6. And last but not least, commenting.  Please comment.  I want to hear what you have to say.  I want to get comments and criticism.  If you don't comment, I'll stop posting my stories and things because I'll take that you won't be reading them.  And we don't want that, do we?

That's pretty much all!  I'm sure I love you all and I know I want you to have a fabulous time reading here!



  1. Yay!
    And I've missed reading your writings, ya know. :(

  2. Yay! Right back at you!
    That makes me happy. I'm glad, becuase I've missed letting people read them!
    Well. That sounds a little stuck up. Oops. ^///<
    I mean...
    We'll leave it at I'm glad. :P