Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Explanations: An Interview

Hrrms.  Well.  I posted Do You Hear the Violins? and then I got to thinking.  You know, some of you might be reading some of my stuff going, “Wait, what?  I know this girl in real life.  She’s not cynical.   She’s not depressed.  She isn’t in love, and she doesn’t know weird people, and she’s not a jerk.  Rather, she’s happy and fun and cute and rainbows and sunshine.  I don’t get it.  Where is this stuff coming from?”
So, here’s a little interview with myself:  something to help you see if we can figure this out without you thinking I’m bipolar or something.
Me: So, the first question is this:  Why do you write some of the stuff you do?  I mean, Transformation was a horror story.  That Do You Hear the Violins? story you just posted was pretty depressing.  Why do you write stuff that’s so not you?
I:  Well, I can’t really help what I write.  I know that sounds like an excuse, so you have to bear with me.  Sometimes a story just comes on me, like BAM, inspiration, and I have to write it down.  That first happened to me in March 2009, when I wrote Darkness.  I was ecstatic, but when I showed it to other people, they were all confused and weirded out.  “That’s so depressing!”  They said. “It doesn’t make sense. What goes on in your head?”  And they’d laugh.  I wasn’t upset, per say, by their response, but I couldn’t really defend myself, cuz, hey, it just happened.  I don’t know exactly how the story came about.  I just sat down, and it kind of created itself.
Me:  You get these random urges to write from nowhere?
I: No, not exactly.  It mostly comes when I listen to music.  I get crazy ideas when I listen to songs… mostly odd/strange songs that sometimes don’t make sense.  Darkness, for example, was inspired by most all of the songs by the band Falling Up.  Islander: Hero’s Tale was inspired by numerous Falling Up songs, primarily the song titled Islander (what a coincidence, eh?)I’ve been writing a story for my friend Purple Hippo Girl off and on for almost a year now, inspired by Owl City’s song Rainbow Veins. Transformation was inspired by a RP character inspired by Skillet’s song Monster. I just wrote a little drabble inspired by Deas Vail’s Atlantis that I’ll be putting up here soon. Shoreline was inspired by aforesaid band’s song Shoreline.  I’m sure there are hundreds more.
 Do You Hear the Violins? was one of my only big projects (big projects meaning +2,750 words)that was inspired by something not a song.  It was inspired by Anberlin’s song Inevitable but also the book Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff. (MY FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME.  Ever.  Read it.  It’s not too long, and it’s the best book in the universe.)
 In fact, I think Iron Lace might be the only big project of mine that hasn’t been inspired by anything in particular.  Except Kyle’s Story, which is a game Bleehh (my neighbor girl) and I played last summer.
Me: Are your creepy characters inspired by music, too?
I: ;_:  They’re not creepy, they’re just misunderstood.
Me:  Oh, sorry.  Are your misunderstood characters inspired by music?
I: Nope.  Only Kasey, the girl in Transformation.  Well, I guess Hero was, since his whole story was inspired by Falling Up and it’s kind of empty without him. 
My characters get inspired from objects and other characters.  Nikola, for example, was inspired by a dress I got one day that I could hide things in the floppy neck of, and she was also in part inspired by the character Gen from The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner, as well as Wesley from Princess Bride.  And another guy.  I don’t remember who right now.
She wants you to know that I didn’t come up with her at all.  I just remind her of those guys, and I happened to buy her dress.  She was the one who chose to make me her inspired vessel.
I don’t know if I’d believe her if I were you.
Blaine was inspired by a character in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles named Fai D. Flourite, whom I love (See profile picture :).  He came to life through an RP my friend TLR set up, though I haven’t been able to RP him for a while.
In Rebellion, Kaori I drew randomly in Biology two years ago, and she just kind of found a story along the way.  Scott appeared because she needed a right-hand-man, and Farrington came along because we needed a conflict character and some way to emphasize what Kaori believes, as it’s a war book where she possesses some rather radical ideas compared to most Americans, the target audience.  And then he decided it would be easiest to enter if he was Scott’s cousin.  Whatever, Farrington. (He got his name from the DJ on Air1, if you’re curious. ^_^ )
In Iron Lace, Nox and Vega are two characters from a pretend game Bleehh and I played.  One of them is like me, and the other one is like her.  See if you can guess before you ask me.
Key was inspired by Link.
So they have pretty random origins, really. :]
Me: I see.  And what’s this thing you’re always talking about, saying that Blaine and Nikola live in your mind and talk to you?  Does that mean you have schizophrenia?
I:  No, I don’t have schizophrenia.  I know that to all of the people who haven’t ever experienced anything like this are weirded out by it.  Lo siento.  I’ll try to explain.
Some of my characters are so real to me that it feels like they have their own entities.  I don’t think up what they say, I just write it down.  Sometimes they’ll just start talking.  I don’t hear voices in my head, necessarily—though I know what they both sound like.  It’s more like they’re just thinking with whatever part of me thinks, instead of me.  That means they affect areas in my life they have nothing to do with; for example, recently I’ve been reading about Socrates, and I get preoccupied wondering what on earth he would have to say to Nikola.
Me: So do you ‘hear’ them all of the time?
I: No.  I think it’s a little bit like when two people share a house:  they’re gone while I’m in, and they’re in while I’m gone.  We only cross paths briefly.  This is okay with me.  They’re taxing.
Blaine wants to clarify that they are not together all of the time.
Me:  And they just randomly interject their opinions like that?
I:  Sometimes.  They like making sure what I say about them is completely understood.  They’re vain like that.
They also both disagree with the above statement.
Me:  That’s kind of creepy.                                                 
I: That’s what I’ve heard.

So yeah, that’s that.  Perhaps if you want to know anything else, you can just ask me somewhere.  Maybe I can interview myself again.   It’s kind of fun. ^_^


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  1. Haha nice interview. And i like your stories even though half of them are depressing. They are still well written!

    Oh yeah and voices in your head? That's kinda weird... I think I'm gonna have to ignore you tomorrow. (haha JK)

    P.S. I feel like I'm the only one that ever comments..... oh well.