Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Comfort Is There?

Imagine being told just a few days before you turn 17 that your uncle committed suicide.  Imagine being eleven, and suddenly your uncle is gone.  Like that.
I can’t imagine.
I just can’t imagine.
I don’t want to write out petty comforts or pretend like I know anything about the situation.  It’s not my place.

I always thought suicide was something that kids did.
But to think that the stress of life was too much, too much for a grown man, with a wonderful wife, and two college-age sons, and a teenage daughter—to think that he thought he needed to escape that much—
It doesn’t just scare me.  It terrifies me.

I didn't know his name.

What can I say to them?

Please pray for a family that's really close to mine.  They need it right now.


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