Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Almost Ashamed Of Shamelessly Accusing You... Oh Wait, No I'm Not.

Once upon a time--
Once upon a time starts off to many stories.  For the sake of clarity, we'll start this one off differently.
A while ago, a girl was born.  This girl grew up doing odd things other little girls didn't do, like playing video games, and playing in mud, and drawing obsessively, and playing pretend because the other universe was just as real to her as the one her real acquaintances lived in.  This girl grew up and became a teenager, and discovered writing, which became imperative to who she was.
This girl had friends who were curious as to what she wrote, so this girl started a web blog to keep her friends up to date.
Anxiously the girl waited for her friends to post and comment on her blog, but she received a minimal amount of comments.  These she held tightly in her hands and tried to be grateful for the comments she had received instead of wanting more, wanting for people to respond to the writing that made up such a large part of her life.  The girl found this very hard.
She kept listening to her friends wail-- okay, I'm done. Parables aren't direct enough for this, even if it is blatantly obvious who the girl is.
Ya'll keep telling me that you don't comment cuz you can't figure it out.  That's the reason of this post.
Honestly, I wish I could say I'm not ashamed.  Maybe it's just cuz I'm from a family of computer nerds who try to impress each other by finding better links to nowhere and  memorizing new keyboard shortcuts, but gosh, guys, it's the internet.  Nothing new.
But since apparently a lot of you can't figure it out or haven't tried, I'll outline it for you. It's so easy I'm typing it from memory.  If this doesn't get me some more comments, then I'll just have to admit all of my friends don't really care that much.  Or all of your computers spontaneously combusted at the same time.  Which-- call me an unbeliever-- I seriously doubt for some reason. [/shameless guilt trip]

1. Go to Google.  Top right-hand corner, says in boldface type:  Sign InPretend we're in a Lewis Carrol children's story and it reads "CLICK ME!"  Obey, like an impulsive blonde child named Alice.
2.  It'll tell you to sign in or get an account.  Do whichever applies to you.  If you already have a Google account, skip to step number 5.  Or 8, depending on just how detailed you need me to be.
3. If you clicked get an account, you fill out the areas.  Not that hard.  You don't even have to sign up for a Gmail or anything: this'll just display your email in the top corner of Google.  You don't even have to use it for anything but this.
4. Have an account?  Great! Leave the window open. (I actually don't know if you have to leave it open or not.  I think if Google is remembering your identity it's cool, but you'd have to ask Schrodinger if the cat is really dead or not.)
5. Now you go to whatever blog you want to comment on (presumably mine).
6. Go to the post you want to comment on.
7. Scroll down.
8. Type your comment.
9. At the bottom, it'll have a little collapsing menu saying something about an account.  Click on it and click Google account.
10. This reloads your page (your comment should still be there) and your name should be there! Yaaaay.[/sarcasm]
11. Now you type in the wavy words so it knows you're not a robot.
12.  Go to main page and click follow under 'Mah Favorite Peeps'.  Agree to whatever it tells you unless it has anything to do with purchasing a llama farm or opening a Swiss bank account.  Then you can say no.
13. Bam.  Comment AND Follower.  Christina = happy.  You = favorite friend of the day. World = peace, harmony, and blue bunnies flying through the air.  All the other people who have blogs you can now sporadically comment on = TMMV (their mileage may vary).

Just that simple, guys.  Now, I hope I see some more comments, or I might actually feel bad for this incredibly sarky, shameless and unkind post.

May the Force be with you, may all of your days have sunshine, and may all of your friends get lots of comments now,


  1. Sorry... but this made me laugh. xDDD
    And if you find that I'm not commenting, I either spontaneously combusted or forgot. If I forgot... well, kick me. Hard. If I spontaneously combusted... uh... I'm not totally sure what would be done in that case.


  2. lulz, well I'm glad my slight irritation came off as amusing. I was worried I was being mean, and then I was like 'Whatever'. I don't do that often. XD
    If you forget, I shall. Have no worries. XD
    And if you spontaneously combust... well... I'd be sad. Beyond that... I'm just not sure. XD
    A lot of my friends said they couldn't figure it out, so I figured I'd make it easy for them, if not a little cruel at their expense. :P

  3. Well... who'd have thunk I had one already... <_<

  4. It happens. Mostly to me. I forgive you. XD