Friday, February 25, 2011

So... Hi again.

Oh, frabjous day~ Callou, callay~
I'm so happy right now.  Why, you ask?  Well, there are several reasons...


This is not so incredible in and of itself, but when considering the fact I had my wisdom teeth taken out on Monday, the simple consumption of bread and turkey is a marvelous, marvelous thing.
It wasn't easy, and it took me around twenty minutes, tearing it up, but still.
You have no idea how sick of sweet mushy stuff a girl can get in three days. Most of my conversations with my mom went like this:
Me: "Mom, I'm hungry."
Mom: "Well, what do you want?  We have ice cream, applesauce, and pudding."
Me: "Nooooooooooooo" *cry*
I was craving real food so bad, but there wasn't anything I could do.
Until now.  Bwahahaha.
I apologize for not writing sooner, but pain meds make you feel kind of floaty and sleepy, so I wasn't all here enough to post.  I trust any of you who have had your wisdom teeth cut out sympathize.
And those of you who don't, well... your time will come. *Cue creepy music*

2.  It's a Friday afternoon, and I'm still in my pajamas.

This is not so awe-inspiring either, except that it means my homeschool co-op was canceled today because of hazardous road conditions. You hear that?
Canceled~ *Hallelujah chorus*
I wasn't feeling up to going because of my teeth and all, but my mother insisted like the education-conscious woman she is.  I don't hold it against her, but when it started to snow last night I could have sung besides the fact I couldn't open my mouth more than a half of an inch or move my jaw without pain.  I fell into bed late last night and slept until 10 something this morning.  Usually I hate sleeping in, but today it was pure bliss.
I feel much better today than I have since my surgery.
This is a good, good thing.

3.  I read a book today.

You're probably wondering why I'm getting so excited over stupid things like this.  But the truth is I'm busy.  I would say incredibly busy, but when I think about what all my friends do, that comment dies in my throat.
Anyway.  I'm relatively busy.  Pretty much 100% of my time is spent doing school or freaking out about it.  That's not a generous comment at all: ask my family.  It's school, school, school.  Always.
But not today!  Since co-op was canceled, I got to stay home.  And since I already completed my homework yesterday, I had nothing to do.
Which means I got to read a book today.
It's had to have been months since I got to sit down and just read a good novel.  My parents know that if I have a book, I'll read it instead of doing school.  So, in spite of my begrudging, they insist:  No books on school days.  And on non-school days, I'm too busy going places or doing school or freaking out about it or wasting time to read books.
So today, I read a book.
378 glorious pages.
*sigh of delight*
I forgot how much I love reading.  I wish I had 48 hour days, like my friend Jacque, because I miss reading books.
It was refreshing.

Well, I need to go and get dressed (finally).  We're celebrating my littlest brother's second birthday today, and we get to go to Chuck E Cheese.  Where a kid can be a kid... what about a 16-year-old girl?  Can she be a kid too?  I wonder if they'll let me in the playplace, if I ask really nicely?  Hmm....

Off to go and bug some employees,


  1. I love staying in my pjs. :] They're much more comfy than jeans.
    And what book? Was it good? (I'm in need of a good book to read...)

  2. I didn't used to, but I got different PJs, and now I wish I could stay in them all day. XD
    They glow in the dark. No joke. :D

    Well, I just don't think I'd recommend it. I'm the kind of person who reads a whole book before I make an opinion, and after I was finished with it and started to think about it I realized it was kind of an icky book. I had weird dreams for a few days after I read it, too, which is never a good sign. -.- It's called Wicked Lovely, though, by ... somebody Marr. It does not come recommended, though. :P