Monday, February 28, 2011

Update # 11: The Beauty of Perfection

I will finish the fangirl series.  I will.

This I wrote while listening to some mellow songs on Grooveshark. It especially reminds me of the song Soft Skeletons by Anberlin.  (Parenthetically, I love Grooveshark.  You should follow me if you have an account, and I'll follow you.  Yay connections!)
I imagine Alyssa might write a poem like this, if she were artsy and more sensitive and wrote poems and danced and smiled for real every once in a while.  She won't, isn't and doesn't though, so this isn't about her.  I just got that impression.  Maybe it's because she reminds me of Soft Skeletons too?
Oh.  I guess I still haven't put Hitchhiker up here.
Well, for those of you who have read Hitchhiker, that Alyssa.
I'll have to put it up soon for the rest of you... I do really want to finish it.


The Beauty of Perfection
February 28, 2011

A beautiful princess
In a world of soft diamond
In alcoves, through doorways
Up marble stairs, whitened

Dance and twirl a dizzy swirl
Laugh and smile without a care
I am deceiving myself
Poison pervades the air

I dance and I rejoice
In the halls strewn with glass
Pools of blood litter halls
I deny them and that past

I dance of innocence
Far-off friends can’t confute
My actions wouldn’t change
Slightly smile, remain mute

This is me, abandoned
I deny denial
For actions not my own
The victim of the brutal

My white dress is ragged
Spattered, crimson, stained, and marred
My feet are torn and bleeding
Yet I never stop the dance

Perhaps if I dance long
If I wish, and wishes are dreams
And dreams have even a chance
Of blossoming to the real

Perhaps if I smile sweet
And ignore the glass scattered
In my palace, around my feet
Eddied blood would not be mine

Perhaps if I dismiss
The scalding memories
Maybe they would come back
It could again be lovely

I won’t stop dancing now
For thinking comes with pause
And I’d realize no hope
Could bring back all I’ve lost


  1. YES. POST HITCHHIKER. I lovelovelovelovelove eet. 8D

    And this poem is sadful. :[
    But it is brilliantly written. The way you put the words together is gorgeousss. =D

  2. Well... I just really really really want to rewrite what I've got before I actually post it again. But that'll take forever, I'm sure. XD

    I took a while on it-- but it was fun. I felt like not watching the syllables and the rhyming would be cheating this one if I didn't do it right.
    I think that I like it. XD

  3. Haha. xD
    I hope you're not like me. I take about a million years to rewrite things. Orethan and Blade are still waiting for the book I started four years ago to be rewritten... ;_; -wail-

    It's epicness. None of the rhyming feels forced at allll. :D

  4. Yep. That's me, too. And then I'm like, "SUMMER! In summer I'll rewrite!" And it's like, "Uh, no." And never happens. Le sigh.

    I'm glad you enjoy it! We're studying poetry in my writing class, so I'm going to turn this in as an assignment. Hopefully my teacher likes it too... :]

  5. Gahhh, yes. And then your characters hate you. Orethan hated me forever... but he finally doesn't now. HALLELUJAH. x3

    Ooo, I hope she/he does too. ^^