Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update #9: Epoison

Happy February, you guys!  I hope yours is going better than mine.  I caught this nasty head-cold, and my February started out kind of tired, stuffy and irritable.
I wrote this the other night while listening to Falling Up's song Exhibition (Epoison).  I swear, if I can't write all I have to do is turn on some Falling Up and all of my problems solve themselves.

I love music artists for that. ♥

(I apologize beforehand because I realize it's kind of a pain to read.  I was trying something new, and whereas I like how it turned out, I realized some of you might hate me for it.  Oops. ^_^' )

February 1, 2011 

The metal shines
                                in the darkness
I press myself against it
                praying I become one with the icy panels, hiding in the black, watching your cameras
I hear them coming
My cover isn’t blown yet.  I grin to myself
what are you doing
You know where I am
Why do you rest?
Faintly, in the distance
                                it’s still far away
                the sirens begin
It’s too late now.  I know the channels, the tunnels, the holes.  I have it all memorized.  Your confidant was a traitor, and now this traitor is fleeing.  If anyone can escape this prison, this Alcatraz of wires, silver and lights, it’s me.
still you are silent
and I slip by your guards
I’m out
I’m out
I’m free
I glance back
past the wire and wood branches
                                In a window, I see your figure
you simply watch
And the wind breezes by, your banners streaming in the cold, oblivious to the lights, the guards, the dogs, the sirens, the chaos below your window
I see your dark eyes
And I know
                                                                                                we both know
You wanted me to break out
All this time

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