Sunday, March 6, 2011

Concerning Favorite Songs

I've always dreaded that moment when one of my friends turns to me, eyes sparkling and inquisitive, and they take a breath to ask me the question I always cringe to hear: "What's your favorite song, Christina?"  I usually mamby-pamby around the question and say something incredibly intelligent like, "I don't know" or "I don't have one", biting my lip and hoping that they don't pursue it.
I don't have favorite songs.  There's a really simple reason for this:  I love all of the music I listen to.  I don't think it's fair to say "This is my favorite song" or  "This song is THE BEST" because quite frankly, I remain in awe of the people who create the music I listen to no matter what what they're playing.  I respect them too much to put them over each other.  They work so hard and create such beauty that saying "That is the best song in the world" is unfair and slightly immature of me.  I understand it's opinion, but still.  I don't like sticking labels on them.
Besides, I'm wishy-washy-- and I mean, really wishy-washy.  I'd say a song is great and the next day I'd say that this other song was better.  People would ask me and the answer would change from day to day.  It's just the way I am:  I have consistence issues with my opinions.
Not saying that there aren't songs that I'll listen to over and over.  But favorites?  I find it hard to pinpoint a favorite song in good conscious.
So here's a list of Christina's Top Ten Twenty Bunch Of Songs That She'll Listen To Over And Over (Not Favorites). Sorry, I got a little carried away.


  1. I would have to agree with you about favorite songs. I can never decide on a favorite song... I like wayyy too many to have a favorite.
    And JJ Heller, Owl City, and Reliant K are all awesomeful. 8D

  2. I know, right? I hate that question.
    Omigosh have you heard my Relient K story?! :D :D :D
    As for JJ Heller, I've really only heard 'Love Me' but I'm addicted to it. I should go look her up.
    ... lol, I just realized all of those songs are by guys except for Love Me. Oops. :P

    Actually, I've only heard "Love Me" as well, but she sings well and I like how her music is put together. :3
    Hahahaha. xDDD

    Btw, I think I'm going to follow your example and post my top 20ish songs as well. Anyway, I won't have any writing on my blog for about a billion years since I've resolved not to write anything else until my fourth and fifth chapters of Lance and Rex's book are FINISHED. xD

    Yeah, I could talk about that forever. XD
    Haha! We fail. XD
    I just like guy singers better! I don't know why... :P

    Go right ahead!
    You could post your older chapters of Lance and Rex's book. I'd love to reread them. ^_^
    Unless they're there on another page and I'm just blind... XP

  5. I'll bet. It certainly sounds like it. 8D
    Haha... yeah... I like guy singers better too. xDD

    Hmm... I think I might just do that. :D