Monday, March 14, 2011

Inkheart: An Interview

So I was bored and inspired last night and wrote some instead of sleeping.  In fact, I interviewed myself again!  And I know you all think very little is more scintillating than listening to me talk to myself, so here I am posting it for your enjoyment.  Yay and stuff.

Me: So you just watched Inkheart last night, right?
I: Yep!  I love that movie.  Farhid is the best ever.  He makes me grin.

Me: Have you read the book?
I: Sadly, no.  I got it from the library one summer a few years ago, but I was younger and busy reading other books and I didn’t ever get around to reading it because it looked so long, so it just went back without being opened.  I ought to read it, when I have time.  It looks really good.

Me: What do you think about the idea that characters come to life if someone reads their story out loud?
I: Scary scary scary scary scary.  That’s all I can say.  Zeesh, that would be terrifying.

Me: I take it you don’t want to meet your characters, then?
I: Not if they got read into my world, no.  Not if they had to stay, no.  Not if they were like, real real, physically real, tangibly real, no.

Me: Why not?
I: That question is scary beyond belief.  If Nikola was alive, she would disappear.  I’d just want to die as random stuff started getting stolen all over the world.  I have no clue how she would deal with security or cameras and things, but she would somehow, I’m certain.  She’s so morally nonexistent that she wouldn’t feel any loyalty towards me at all, and she wouldn’t care about any chaos she caused as long as it kept her busy and slightly entertained.  I swear the adrenaline she gets from stealing stuff is the only kind of emotion she has.  This is also the only proof I have that she’s human at all, and I doubt it.  Often.
Blaine/Caley would have an identity crisis.  He’d probably kind of shut down and spend all of his time downtown going quiet intellectual places like the library or museums and things to think.  I imagine he’d crash at my house when the party scene emerged, and then he’d go back in the morning, early enough so that he didn’t have to see me ever.  My parentals would be like “Where does our car go every day and who is this older guy you let in to crash on our couch every night at like 1 in the morning” and I’d have a lot of ‘splainin to do.  And then if he ever did talk to me, he would probably be really hateful.  Which is totally normal and I wouldn’t blame him at all . . . but I’d be sad. :[
I also have a slightly irrational fear that if he was alive he might kill me.  Which is irrational because I seriously doubt he would do it even if he got mad enough at me to want me to die (heck, he's much too chivalrous and I can't see him ever hurting a girl, especially not one younger than him), but just knowing that he could is kind of freaky.  This makes me glad that it's rather impossible for him to show up on my doorstep one day, since this is reality and he only exists in my mind.
Kaori would be like “What why am I here”.  She’d probably find something to radically change for the better, like the school system, or she might run for president.  No matter what she did, Scott would follow her and be vice prez or her personal assistant or something because that’s how he is.  Farrington… Farrington…  Farrington would… I have no clue.  Go back to college, if he’s young enough, to take more writing classes and... probably party... and then… and then… Gosh, I have no clue.  He’d probably move into my basement and start complaining about how I should make it better, while he hung out and was writerly.  For some reason I imagine the fact that he's a writer is an automatic pass for laziness in his mind, and he'd just hang out and eat our food and steal my laptop.  Then my parents would be really confused what with him AND Caley hanging around.  I don’t know how I’d get rid of Farrington, really, unless Scott (they're cousins, if I hadn't mentioned that before) managed to get him to follow them around.  Or something.
And that’s only five of them.  I don’t even want to think about what my fae would do.  Go to Hollywood?  Join a circus?  Start a youtube channel?  The possibilities make my head hurt.

Me: What character would you be okay with coming into real life?
I: Laia would be kind of cool to have around, like some awesome older sister.  I think Hero would do okay, if he was fine with leaving his sister behind and his world was all right without him.  He’d be fascinated with everything.  It would be cute.

Me: And the character that you would not be okay with having around?

And there you have it!  Another riveting interview.  (That was not a riveting interview.)

SPEAKING OF WHICH (actually this has nothing to do with this, but whatever) I got published today.  Kind of.  It was anonymous, but hey.  They changed some wordings and stuff, but hey.  I wrote it, and it was published.  This is cause for much rejoicing.
It's here, if you want to read it.  Of course, if you're not a fan of Nintendo video games or guys (HA!) then you might not be interested. (Actually, you should be interested anyway.  I WROTE IT.  IT GOT PUBLISHED. YOU ARE INTERESTED. (And before Selleh kills me, I don't really have a crush on Link.  I just see why she (and every other gamer girl in the universe) does, and since it was anonymous I stuck him in there.))
So yep yep yep!  I had a great day today, and now I must leave you to do homework.

Mokona Modoki ready to go!  Wapuu~


  1. Haha, awesome interview. xDDD

    And YAY for being published!!!! 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  2. It's fun to talk to myself. XDD

    YESSSSS It was so exciting. :D :D My brother was more excited than I was, though... he was like, "Have you told mom? Have you told our little brother? Have you told your writing teacher?" XD

  3. YES. Talking to oneself is an excellent pastime. xD

    Haha, awww. I love brothers. =D