Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's Tuesday and I haven't moved from this spot on my colorful bed surrounded by stuffed animals in several minutes.  My bed is unmade, my homework undone, my hair unbrushed and my face un-made-up.  I'm under strict rules not to leave this spot unless I have to go to the bathroom... or it's time for my doctor's appointment.
Yep, you got that right.  I'm sick.  And it STINKS.

I don't even know what I have.  I just feel awful and weak.  My mom, who's in the midst of recovering from this weird thing herself, commanded me not to do anything.  ANYTHING.  That means no homework until I get better, you guys.  This sickness only lasts four or five days, but I need to do homework because otherwise I'll get behind, and I have too many classes to get behind.
That thought really stresses me out, and I only do marginally well with stress.  Marginally well meaning worrying non-stop and crying and cursing my workload and circumstances.

In the midst of this, I'm blessed, though.  Next week I'm going to be in a play (April 1st and 2nd) , and we have rehearsals every morning, every day.  We've only practiced two times before this, so I'm just glad I'll be better before then.  It wouldn't do to have Rosa Luna, la cocinera mexicana especial, ill during play week.  I'd have no clue what I was doing.
And it's spring break next week, so I'll be able to catch up on homework.  Yay timing.

I am going to miss all of my classes and a choreography rehearsal, though.  And this is bad, because I have a problem:

I can't dance.

I know people say that, but really.  I have no rhythm.  I have no time. I have no sense of what foot goes first.  I cannot dance for the life of me.
And I'm at the front of the stage.

I know I'll get it before the play, but daaaaaaaaaang am I terrified.  Me?  Dancing?  It makes me want to laugh.  "HA! No."  Fat chance.  Rosa Luna already speaks in Spanish.  Who says she has to dance?
Well, besides the choreography director, my lovely friend Lamboff.  (She gets her name because she betrayed me and started to like Family Force 5 even after we agreed they were awful, and she backstabbed me by liking Lamborginis better than Ferraris, and admitting it before youngerbrotherLambofreak.  BETTER THAN FERRARIS.  This cannot be forgiven.  So she gets a weird name on my blog.  Take that, Lamboff!)

Well, I need to go now-- I have an appointment at 2pm to see the doctor.  Before I leave, though, have a lame joke from this cherry popsicle I just ate:

"What kind of music sticks with you?"

Hahaha no.  Puns are only cute when they fall from the lips/fingers of Adam Young, otherwise they are stupid.  That was stupid.

Sorry this post went all over the place and any typos that might have hidden in here.  My brain is a little gone. (Correction:  My brain is a lotta gone.  Because it always is.)
OH OH OH I did write something last night!  Blaine and Caley as kids.  Together.  Yep.  They're about 5, just before the accident, and they're so super cute.  They make me giggle. :3

Okay, I really need to go now. XD

Better With Talking
March 22, 2011

“No—you get up there,” Blaine decided, pointing up to the seemingly gigantic card table.
Caley wavered by the thin leg.  “Are you sure?” he asked, standing on his tiptoes to look across the green pleather tabletop.  It was marred from numberless spills and scratches, telling stories of his parents’ late nights before he and his brother and sister were born.  “Will it fall?”
Blaine joined him, inspecting the tabletop.  “No,” he said, poking a small tear in the plastic fabric.  “It’ll hold you.”
Caley glanced at his little brother sideways but said nothing.   Instead he clambered onto the nearby couch and slithered his way on his stomach onto the card table.  After a moment’s hesitation, he stood and looked down at Blaine.  “Now what?”
“Fight something,” Blaine directed, holding an imaginary camera in front of him.  “You’re Superman.  Kick and punch and stuff.”
“Caley!” a sharp voice called out.  “What do you think you’re doing?”
In a flash, Caley was on his stomach again, sliding off the table to the couch in his stocking feet.  His green eyes were wide with guilt that he had been caught.
On the ground, Blaine looked up at their mother standing in the doorway.  She had a nice dress on and a strand of pearls around her neck, though she wasn’t going anywhere in particular.  She looked alarmed, her collected features skeptical and worried. “You’re not supposed to climb on that,” she said, watching Caley sternly.  “You could fall and get hurt; you know that.”  Her tone told him he was in trouble more than her words.
Without defending himself, Caley took his place behind his brother.  He watched his mother’s face, waiting for Blaine to work his magic.
He didn’t wait long.  “He was being Superman,” Blaine announced, catching her squarely in the screen of his imaginary camera.  “I’m the director.  We’re making a movie.”
A smile threatened to lift one corner of her well made-up lips, but she managed to keep a straight face as she looked at him.  “Oh really?” she asked, tilting her head.  Her blonde hair was done up in a perfect bun, a single elegant clip sweeping it away from her face.
“Uh-huh,” Blaine replied, tilting his camera with her face.  “And he had to be on the table because he was on a cliff, and he was fighting.”
“I see.”  Their mother nodded slowly, still fighting the smile.  “That’s very creative of you.  But let’s stay off of tables in the house, all right?  I don’t want one of you to fall and hurt the other.”
“Okay.”  Blaine shrugged and walked a few steps away.  “Get on the rug, and it can be the ocean.”  He grinned.  “Then you can fight a sea monster!”
Their mother chuckled and slid out of the doorway.  Caley moved onto the rug and watched his brother.
How do you do that? He was itching to ask.  How did you get me out of trouble that easily?
Blaine noticed his stare and grinned even wider.  “What, Caley?  You should start fighting that sea monster before he gets you and you die.”  He adjusted his invisible camera and held it up to his eye.  “You have to beat him so we can make a good movie.”
“Yeah,” Caley said quietly.  “Okay.”  He readied himself, but stopped and turned to his brother.  “I want to be the director now,” he decided abruptly.  “You can be Superman.”
Blaine laughed.  “No, silly brother.  I have to be the director, because I can tell people what to do.  You be Superman because you’re older.  ‘Sides, you don’t have to talk.  I’m better at talking than you are.”
Caley paused for a moment.  “Yeah, okay,” he said.  He knew that was what Blaine would say.  He had only asked it to hear it again, to be reminded of why his brother could talk his parents out of anything.  “What do you want me to do?”


  1. Oh mai! These characters... I love them! I don't think I've ever read them before :O And I'm sorry you're sick :( And for the record, I can't dance either XD

  2. I love dancing! I look like a grasshopper on helium, but I love dancing XD

  3. :O That's sad D: But I still love them--er--whichever one's left XD

  4. Weeeeell you might be kind of upset to learn that was a looooong time ago and there's really only one now... Blaine. But he's really Caley.
    Kind of.
    It's complicated. XD

    I'm sorry I'm sick too. :[

    It's so aggravating not being able to dance. XD I should be able to *say* that I can't dance, but when I try I should be able to do it.
    Or that's what I say, anyway. *pout*

  5. Augh sorry I went to edit my comment and you posted before hand. Now it looks like you were reading my mind.

    That would be Caley. XD

  6. Bahaha XD Fear me! =D

    Caley? Oh mai. This story has intruiged me! And I really loved your approach to that scene, by the way. I kind of forgot to say that in my special mind-reading post XD

  7. Awww, I hope you're better soon! <333

    And Blaine and Caley are ADORABLE. I love them... and I must read the whole complicated story. It sounds amazingfulll.

  8. Thank you~
    To both. XD

    They are so cute. Caley is still so cute. I love him to death. (He's dying as I type this, actually... from mortification. :P )

    Blaine has amazing persuasion skillz. I'm in awe of him, really. You don't get to see it so much here, but he gets away with everything. XD

    Hopefully one day their/his story will be done. XD Buuuut I have to figure out where it's actually going first. XD

  9. CALEY IS ADORABLE. I think he's my favorite. xDDD
    And Blaine is adorable too... but for some reason I like Caley better.

    When their story is done and published I'm going to buy every copy I can get my hands on. 8D

  10. ...
    You seriously just made me tear up when you said that. XDD Oh my land, I'm way too attached to that kid.
    That's a cruel irony, you see, because Blaine is everyone's favorite, without exception...
    Eehhh maybe I'll just write a blog post about Blaine/Caley so I don't sound so enigmatic all the time. XD

    XD You're so cute~ Thanks, but I'll have you know it's a depressing story and I haven't discovered any resolution to it yet. Right now the plot is kind of suspended in depression sauce with no end in sight. XDD
    So first we have to figure out where what's actually happening. And then we can think about writing it, editing it, rewriting it, publishing it, and all that jazz. XD