Thursday, March 3, 2011

Somewhere On The Battlefield: Update #12

Yep, another one.
Hey, what can I say?  It's Thursday.  I should be doing homework.  Instead I'm blogging.  Yes, I do stink.

Anyway.  I had to write this for school, so that counts for something. (No it doesn't.)  We're getting ready to study poetry and fiction after doing a 10-page research paper (Read: the writing assignment of your nightmares), so that means more writing for me and more reading for you!  Who's excited?  I AM!
This is supposed to be free verse. Yep.

This is from the viewpoint of Scott, a secondary character from a story that none of you have read because I haven't written it.  He's the assistant to the commander (Kaori Tsutsuba, who I've mentioned before) of a rebel army.  Their story is one of destruction and impossible odds, the struggle of trying to create the most morally upright country they can from the rubble of a motherland that was once great but has fallen to brutal depravity.

Their story is my driving one, I think.  If I only ever get one thing published, only one book to be tragically and achingly beautiful, I want it to be this one.  I haven't started writing it yet because I want to get better, good enough to feel comfortable starting it.  I need to do a lot more research before I can even think about beginning, most of which has to do with the Civil War and the Founding Fathers.  Which, quite frankly, is good for me, because I love history.  *coughcoughtlrcoughcough*

This was going to be just another update, but I guess you got a little blurb about Rebellion at the same time.  Oopsies. ^///^

And so, without further ado (because I really do have homework):

Somewhere On The Battlefield
March 3, 2011

Leaving the commander’s tent,
I saw the first green life
I have seen in a long while.
A flower:
Green and brown and seeped in death.
I had to stop and wonder
at it
and the meaning . . .
In the midst of this war
We have nothing but hope left
[Possibilities were gone months ago
Our chances before that].
And now, is even our hope
tinged with death?
Are there no flowers
vibrant in the breath of life?
 . . .
Yet we will cling
and cling hard
to our hopes
and our dreams
and our future
because even tinged with death,
A ray of hope can always be found
somewhere on the battlefield


  1. -in awe-

    That. Is full of win. I must read this novel once you start writing it. It sounds like it's going to be amazinggg if the poem is anything go by. 8DDD

  2. I read it in my class and they're all, "Wow, that's depressing." And I was like, "WERE YOU EVEN LISTENING?!" XD

    I'm glad you think so! I really love the story and the characters. I love love love Scott, so it was fun to write something from his perspective for once. Usually what I *do* write is about/from Kaori, because she's the main character. And she's great too, but I love listening to what the sidekicks have to say. ^_^