Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary To ME!

April of 2008.  I was obsessive-compulsively filling in my calender.  In the midst of blithe scrawls of 'BREAK' across the first week, obscure holidays like Family Day (S. Africa) and birthdays of people I hardly knew/had only heard of (e.g., Drew's Older Sister's Birthday), one little day was packed with three or four events.  In tiny, millimeter-high text, it could easily be missed:

-10th anniversary

I don't doubt that a lot of people did miss it.  I didn't get near as many questions from people as I thought I'd might (though admittedly not a lot of people read my calender, and if they did they were probably just examining my doodles instead of reading it like they said they were.).

But I know what you're thinking.  "What?  Christina?!  I have heard nothing of engagement.  What is going on."

Perhaps I ought to explain.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oddities You Never Could Have Guessed (Ever)

I just realized a little while ago there are some pretty weird things about me I bet you guys never knew.  So, without further ado (I need a new phrase, I think), here are The Top Five Things You Never Knew About Christina!

1.  Christina is addicted to ABBA Mama Mia! music.
My grandmother is enamored with theatre.  When I was young, she would drive us around in her flawlessly tidy sedan playing her showtunes, and my favorite was the Mamma Mia! musical soundtrack.  I couldn't get enough of it.  We'd get in the car, and it was "Please play Mamma Mia!"  When we went to her house, we were, without fail, invited to select the background music for the evenings.  My brothers always tried to pull something that they hadn't heard before.  They only did this because they knew when it hit my turn, it would be Mamma Mia!, without exception. (If they were feeling particularly spiteful, they would put it in before me, so I had to pick something else.  I got back at them, though-- when Christmas rolled around, I played Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas, which I revelled in and they despised.)  My grandmother even burned me a copy of her soundtrack once, but when I brought it home my parents confiscated it because of language (I was probably about seven at the time).  I'm still addicted to it, though.  Since I'm older, I can't get enough of it.  My favorite is probably Thank You For The Music, but The Winner Takes It All is also a great one.  Or just all of them.  My only lament is that I can't run around singing them all of the time-- I feel that walking down the hallway of my co-op singing "Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight/
Won't somebody help me chase the shadows away" or "Don't go sharing your devotion/Lay all your love on me" just wouldn't go over very well.
But that's just a hunch.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Intrinsic Impossibilities (That Really Happen)

Have you ever heard something that was completely improbable and to your complete and utter surprise, watch it be proven despite the incongruence of its very existence?  Have you ever known in the core of your being that something was totally impossible, and watch it happen before your very eyes?

For example, as a child, I was told of flying fish.  I couldn’t picture anything more polarly opposite:  fish must stay in water, and have no appendages or wings for flying through the air, even if they could survive in our foreign atmosphere (which they can’t).  I’ve never seen flying fish, but now I know that they exist.  I can only imagine my utter, jaw-dropping surprise when the fish would launch out of the water, and I would see their glistening bodies in the air, if only for a moment.  I would be speechless.  Fish, creatures of the water, soaring through the air like leaves, butterflies, birds.  Insanity defined—and yet here, in front of my eyes, it would occur.

Or the idea of carnivorous plants.  That a plant would eat an animal or an insect was preposterous.  There was no way, not by any stretch of the imagination.  But yet, there they are, in tropical, vast rainforests thousands of miles from my suburban home.  Venus fly traps, pitcher plants:  I’ve seen video footage of them, watched them snatch a wasp from the air, heard the ant plop into the acid in the base of the red and green flower.  I couldn’t believe it:  a plant eating something besides sunlight, water and time.  Absurdity at its best—and yet here, in front of my eyes, it occurred.