Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oddities You Never Could Have Guessed (Ever)

I just realized a little while ago there are some pretty weird things about me I bet you guys never knew.  So, without further ado (I need a new phrase, I think), here are The Top Five Things You Never Knew About Christina!

1.  Christina is addicted to ABBA Mama Mia! music.
My grandmother is enamored with theatre.  When I was young, she would drive us around in her flawlessly tidy sedan playing her showtunes, and my favorite was the Mamma Mia! musical soundtrack.  I couldn't get enough of it.  We'd get in the car, and it was "Please play Mamma Mia!"  When we went to her house, we were, without fail, invited to select the background music for the evenings.  My brothers always tried to pull something that they hadn't heard before.  They only did this because they knew when it hit my turn, it would be Mamma Mia!, without exception. (If they were feeling particularly spiteful, they would put it in before me, so I had to pick something else.  I got back at them, though-- when Christmas rolled around, I played Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas, which I revelled in and they despised.)  My grandmother even burned me a copy of her soundtrack once, but when I brought it home my parents confiscated it because of language (I was probably about seven at the time).  I'm still addicted to it, though.  Since I'm older, I can't get enough of it.  My favorite is probably Thank You For The Music, but The Winner Takes It All is also a great one.  Or just all of them.  My only lament is that I can't run around singing them all of the time-- I feel that walking down the hallway of my co-op singing "Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight/
Won't somebody help me chase the shadows away" or "Don't go sharing your devotion/Lay all your love on me" just wouldn't go over very well.
But that's just a hunch.

2. Christina wakes up with songs stuck in her head.
Every morning, without fail.  The only thing that changes is the song.  This morning it was I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do. I Do by ABBA, because I was listening to it yesterday.  Saturday morning that it was Does Your Mother Know.  But it's not always ABBA-- I've woke up with Saltwater Room, by that sneaky handsome man we all know and love, stuck in my head, or Foster by Terminal.  It's weird, because sometimes it's music I haven't heard in ages, but it's there. It's not even like I dreamed about it-- my alarm wakes me up with music, but it's always something else.  Waking up to Captiva by Falling Up has nothing to do with it; I'll have a FireFlight song stuck in my head.
 I couldn't tell you why.  It's rather bizarre-- and when I come downstairs singing whatever song had planted itself in my brain, my brothers give me weird looks.  I don't know, guys.  I just don't know.
3.  Christina has guys flirt with her almost every time she goes to Starbucks.  And that's the only place, too.
Yeah, this is probably the weirdest on on the list.  But seriously-- the day I turned 16, I was flirted with for the first time by this 20-something barista in Starbucks.  When I told him how old I was, that shut him up pretty fast.  But really, only Starbucks.  What's up with that?  Guys open doors for me, and offer to remake my coffee if I don't like it (like, at least three times), and try to strike up conversations...  I don't get it.  Maybe the smell of coffee makes me more attractive.
Uh, yeah.  Anyway.
4.  Christina learned how to make a Cootie Catcher for the first time . . . yesterday.
That's right, those paper things that go up-down, left-right, pick a color, number and another number?  Instant fortune!  A seven-year-old taught me how to make one yesterday, but the fortunes I wrote down made no sense to her, and I thought they were purty darn clever.
Generation gap-- it's a killer, huh?

5.  Christina has a mustache on her wall.
It's a mustache an acquaintance wore in the play I was in, and it's so fluffy I just had to have it.  After he left I convinced his younger sister to give it to me, and now I have it taped to the doorframe of my closet, so it looks like my closet has facial hair.
I actually don't know if he knows I have it.  If his cousin tells him, I could be in a potentially awkward situation.  Or he could just think I'm a freak.
Which, you now know, is true!
I could have written about writing but I didn't feel like it.  Maybe I'll come up with some other weird things about me and entertain you some other time.
For now, I have homework to do.

Peace, love, and hippos,


  1. 1) Erm... I don't think I'd even HEARD of Mama Mia until a couple of years ago XD

    2) I don't wake up with them in my head; they get there later and then I sing them all day =D

    3) O_____________________________________O

    4) OH THAT ROCKS!! I officially want one!

    5) Mustache! I...don't think I would have even GUESSED that about you XD

    AND I OFFICIALLY KNEW....0/5 of these things. I failed the quiz ._.

  2. 3 is rather interesting. XD I've never had a guy flirt with me, but then, I don't do much. ._.

    4 :D :D :D That's... actually pretty cool. Origami is fun. :]

    5 so cool. *_*

  3. 1) Oh my. I was obsessed with that track, and I had no idea that it had language, so I was singing it and ... yeah ... got in trouble XD

    2) I wake up with songs in my head sometimes, not all the time.

    3) BAHAHA XDD Sorry. I've never had a dude flirt with me. Ever. Either that or I didn't notice it XD

    4) I wanted one but my mom thought they were evil ;_;

    5) FTW!

  4. 1. @Ami Lulz!! Yeah, that was the soundtrack of my grandmother's house.
    @Fozz Yeah, I got in big trouble for bringing the CD home. XD Now I just get frustrated because when they're stuck in my head I can't sing them out loud. *le sigh*

    2. Every. Single. Morning. This morning it was /I Know The Feeling/ by The Classic Crime. I have no clue where they come from. -.-

    3. @all You've never been hit on!? What's wrong with the males in your lives?!? I'm sure you're all beautiful. ^_^
    But then, I hadn't up until the end of last year. XP
    Seriously, though, I think the only reason it happens is because I look older than I am. The guys are always way older than me too, so I'm just kind of like, "Okay, you're old guys. Lemme alone. *smile* " but whatever. XD

    4. I think I could actually make another one, if I tried. They're so much fun. :D

    5. YES. I love it, so much. X33 It makes me very happy when I see it. heehee

  5. 1. My dad scared me when he went and found ABBA music on youtube... and I haven't listen to them since. xDDDDDDD

    2. I don't wake up with them in my head, but they appear later on. :P

    3. Really? That's creepy. I've never been to Starbucks, ahaha. I've also never had guys flirt with me because I think most of them are afraid I'll break one of their bones if they do. x3


    5. Mustaches are... awesome. xDDD

  6. Sooo, umm.....did you fill out an application at Starbucks yet???? hehehehe JK JK JK! lol. Also "You can dance, you can dance, having the time of your life...if you are Rosa" You ARE The dancing queen;)

  7. 1)mamma mia! here we go again, my my, how can i resist ya?! i could never let ya go ♥

    2)i wake up with songs stuck in my head sometimes too!haha there is this guy at my school who goes around always randomly singing parts of songs -- i bet he wakes up with songs stuck in his head too ROFL

    3)haha that's hilarious! i didnt notice that happening when we went to starbucks... do recollect if it did? lol

    4)hold up, WHAT?! haha i was pretty sure i had taught you how to once upon a midnight dreary many moons ago... hrmm... hehe

    5)OHMYGSH! you are amazing haha that is epic... i love you ^.^