Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Voices Told Me

I was going through my writing class papers for a final portfolio and came across this.  I wrote it as a humorous process essay in my writing class in September/October and figured some of you would get a kick out of it.  Enjoy! ^_^
Back to work,

The Voices Told Me

When in a group of people, the best way for an author to get a weird look from someone is to start talking about an imaginary character as though he is real and alive in her thoughts. Those around her may smile, or laugh, but when that odd individual turns away, they exchange glances behind the author’s back. Did you hear what she just said? They question with their eyes.  Did I hear her right, or am I insane?  In some cases, their confusion is warranted: the author may just be joking around.  But with a few select authors, his or her claims are true: the author does have characters in her head, and she deserves pity, not bewilderment.  Oftentimes, the writer with a character ‘living’ in her mind has the most intriguing stories to tell.  These characters are strong-willed and seem to have minds of their own.  Once she finds one of these characters in her mind, it’s very hard for her to direct the storyline without unsolicited input from the character himself.  Getting the characters and writer to cooperate while recording a story can be a difficult process.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Update #14 (Finally!): Poem Disposal

Every once in a great while, an irresistible urge comes over me.  I want nothing more than to create something beautiful-- tragically so, flowing and aching and glorious in its adroit intensity, reaching into the very heart of the viewer, of someone who can connect with the message and heart of the creation.  I want to share the emotion, the feeling, the ache and the rapture and the incredibility and the wonder of something, anything--  I want to paint a masterpiece.
When these thoughts seize me, I wish I could say I act on them.  With a straight face, I wish I could tell you that I feel this way often, and that when I do, I'm quick to act-- to capture the fleeting mood-- to create.  I would love to say that I don't simply revel in the feeling and wish very strongly before I let myself slide back in the busy mediocrity and unwavering system that makes up my everyday life.  I want to tell you that I take advantage of them always.
Sometimes I do.  Sometimes I let go of whatever responsibilities I have and just let everything fly, floating away in a river of miraculous discovery, magic, creation.

Three of these poems didn't come from that.  They were the product of an assignment, and whereas some of them are all right, I don't particularly like them as much as I could if I had let myself... create.  Revel in it.  I let myself go a little more while writing Escape, an alliterative poem, and I like that one much more than the rest.

I hope you enjoy them all, nevertheless.

Monday, May 2, 2011


I know, I know.  You're all going, "Oh my gosh!  Christina is finally posting again?  I thought she DIED."

Well, no.  Actually something quite the opposite has happened to me.

I got a life.

Yeah, you know, a life.  Like, that thing when you get a job, and things actually get done, and you schedule time to go out and have coffee with your friends instead of moping that you never see them, and then you get stressed and go crazy some weekend and go shopping two hours away and buy yourself a $40 dress because you have money and you're grown up now and you CAN.

And now your reality is coming apart at the seams.  The impossible has occurred.  "A life? Pippin has a life?!?"

Crazy, huh?