Monday, May 2, 2011


I know, I know.  You're all going, "Oh my gosh!  Christina is finally posting again?  I thought she DIED."

Well, no.  Actually something quite the opposite has happened to me.

I got a life.

Yeah, you know, a life.  Like, that thing when you get a job, and things actually get done, and you schedule time to go out and have coffee with your friends instead of moping that you never see them, and then you get stressed and go crazy some weekend and go shopping two hours away and buy yourself a $40 dress because you have money and you're grown up now and you CAN.

And now your reality is coming apart at the seams.  The impossible has occurred.  "A life? Pippin has a life?!?"

Crazy, huh?

My days now consist of a rather organized schedule.  I wake up and get ready for the day.  At eleven in the morning I go downstairs to help my mom get my foster brothers in the car, and at noon my mom drops me off at my nannying job.

From twelve to three I watch a 7 month old DARLING named Audrey for three hours.  It's basically the best job in the universe.  Her parents work from home, so every day, promptly at three PM, one of them descends the stairs to take over. If she goes to sleep before it's three, cool.  I get to work on homework.
I stay at her house until 5 PM, doing school (which works wonderfully-- I get way more done at her house than I ever get done at home with my foster brothers running around screaming and my mom calling to them to stop breaking things/each other).  At five, my dad stops by on his way home from work and picks me up.  I ride home with him to our house, when I eat dinner and hang out/do remaining homework until the next day.  And then sometime near midnight I fall asleep.  Upon the commencement of the morrow it all begins again.

I love it.

Since I took this job (it started on the 11th... you should see a correlation between this date and when my posts dwindled off), I have earned enough money to entirely pay for a trip I'm taking this summer to Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Summit Ministries holds eleven leadership conferences in two-week increments all throughout the summer.  There are three different locations for these conferences:  Colorado, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

The purpose of these conferences is simple:  they "are intensive two-week retreats designed to teach students how to analyze the various ideas that are currently competing for their hearts and minds" (  I'm going because (and I quote myself, for I am lazy and want to copy-paste what I said from my co-op's school newspaper) "I believe that what we'll be learning at Summit is imperative to my personal walk as a Christian.  I believe that we should study with intensity not only our own beliefs, but also the beliefs of other people around us, so that we can aptly defend our beliefs and help gently lead them to the truth.  People are really the only thing that are eternal here on this earth apart from God, and since they're all that we take with us when we leave this world, we need to know how to bring them up to heaven with us.  We must, as Christians, learn how to bring people to Him.  It's not really an optional thing; this is just one way to go about it."  (Parenthetically, Summit has a really cool video that explains what they do rather adroitly.  Have a link.)

I'm attending Session Four in Colorado, from June 26-July 8th.  I am horrifically excited.  (That is like terribly excited, but worse.)  I probably freaked out to some of you earlier this year, because it costs $895.00, and never in a million years would my parents be able to drop that on any kind of conference I would want to go to, even if it is something as important as Summit.

But then I got a job, and as of last night, I can completely and entirely pay my way to Summit.


You have no idea how happy this makes me.  Honestly, no idea. :D

So yeah.  That's why I haven't been posting lately.  But I'm going to try to at least update on the weekends for you... We finished my poetry segment in my writing class so I should be able to share those broken shards of nothing with you pretty soon. ^_^

Love you guys!



  1. Yayness! I just dropped in to make sure that you hadn't posted since last night and I get a wonderful surprise!! =D

    Firstly, your life scares me o_O Not because it', but because it sounds EXACTLY LIKE MINE. My word. I have foster brothers (recently adopted) and I'm a nanny, too XD But you sound a whole lot more diligent in your schoolwork, so I know we're not the same person XDD

    And secondly you just made my day by mentioning the word "poem." I've missed reading your poems =( Happy days are here again!

    Going to the conference sounds really great!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it =D

  2. I has no job ._. I'm a freelance not-published-yet author! =D XDD

  3. Hah! Awesome Pip! :D
    That's so exciting (that you've raised enough, gotten a life, etc etc. :P)
    Manitou Springs? Hrm. No idea where that is. I could have told you Places to eat. Though you probably won't be able to leave the thing, huh? Neh.
    Still so exciting!

  4. That so epic. 8D
    I'm still not allowed to get a job yet... so I'm slightly jealous. xD

    But anyway... HAPPY DAY. :3

  5. @Ami: Lulz! That amuses me.
    Foster brothers are hard, amirite? >< I'm praying for patience every second of every minute they're awake, I swear. And I freaking LOVE nap time. :P
    Oish. My poems-- well, they're not that good. I should post them, though-- I don't like seeing that you guys haven't posted in a while, so I know you probably hate it when I don't either. XD

    @Fozzy: IT COUNTS! :D

    @TLRz: Yeah, I don't think that they're going to let us leave, 'cept for going to the airport (Colorado Springs, and then Dallas for transfer back to IN ^_^).

    @Ael: You bake cakes. This makes you 17 million times cooler than I am. XD

    I am so darn excited, you guys!!! *happydance* :D

  6. Ohhhhh- That's way south. XD Guess that's why I hadn't heard of it. :p
    :D I'm really excited for you! It seems like something that'll be great for you.

  7. Waha XD They are hard--but it's worth it at the end. Mostly o_o And nap time rocks!!! ZzZz.
    Aaaand anything that you write is awesomesauce :3