Saturday, May 14, 2011

Update #14 (Finally!): Poem Disposal

Every once in a great while, an irresistible urge comes over me.  I want nothing more than to create something beautiful-- tragically so, flowing and aching and glorious in its adroit intensity, reaching into the very heart of the viewer, of someone who can connect with the message and heart of the creation.  I want to share the emotion, the feeling, the ache and the rapture and the incredibility and the wonder of something, anything--  I want to paint a masterpiece.
When these thoughts seize me, I wish I could say I act on them.  With a straight face, I wish I could tell you that I feel this way often, and that when I do, I'm quick to act-- to capture the fleeting mood-- to create.  I would love to say that I don't simply revel in the feeling and wish very strongly before I let myself slide back in the busy mediocrity and unwavering system that makes up my everyday life.  I want to tell you that I take advantage of them always.
Sometimes I do.  Sometimes I let go of whatever responsibilities I have and just let everything fly, floating away in a river of miraculous discovery, magic, creation.

Three of these poems didn't come from that.  They were the product of an assignment, and whereas some of them are all right, I don't particularly like them as much as I could if I had let myself... create.  Revel in it.  I let myself go a little more while writing Escape, an alliterative poem, and I like that one much more than the rest.

I hope you enjoy them all, nevertheless.

Hit the Streets

Bang, bang, bang! go the guns of the cops on our tail
Swerving down country lanes, run him over the rail
City streets made for racing (the law don’t agree)
But that’s fine.  In my wheels, I’m too fast: Can’t catch me!

I’ve got records kept by the police all on call
But that doesn’t matter, not to me, not at all!
I’ll just slip down an alley when they’re not aware
By the time they get close it’s like I wasn’t there.

I’ll be back in my headquarters, safe house, my home
Under radar, my cover has never been blown
And I’ll trick out my ride with some vinyls and lights,
Switch the plates, wait a day, and get back to the fight.

Hope-- Flickering

Drink from the waters which swept me away
You have not seen the bright sun these dark days
I bring you worst news, I know this to be
You were just searching to come rescue me

Late you come in this game, I’ve hardly died
Please, take this from me—the tears that I’ve cried
River has claimed me in this dark, damp cave
Light from that dagger drew you to my grave

Look at me, you don’t cry—you’ll be just fine
Healing from darkness in those tears of mine
We can’t be together, lover, my friend
You have the power—put this to an end.


Look now, the light is gone from this day
The perfect opportunity to play our game
Slide out the key and slip out the door
Hide in that hallway so the guards don’t hear
Now they’re gone—make no noise
Take all care: we have time, at least now
If they hear us for you, I’ll leave you in there
Watch your step, tread on air—don’t you breath
Not yet, anyway, you’ll have us found out
Tell me you haven’t forgotten the code
Sprint down the corridor, silent and worn
We’re getting out, to the ground
They thought they could take us, but they can’t
We won’t be bound—we’re not weapons
Not for their use, anyway.  Under this panel
No, here, not right there.  Under this panel
there’s a cold small switch—see it?
Flip it—a metal flap will unfold.
Down the hall, don’t you see it?
Don’t run—rushing will bring them thick
Ignore the cameras, ignore the calls
We’re breaking free, busting out,
And they think they can, but they can’t touch us
The night’s cold, but we can’t feel it
Ignore the lights—we’re invisible
Dodge beneath the beams.  Searchlights don’t scare us
We’re almost there, at the fence, almost there
Stay in the shadows, sit and rest for a moment
I’ll distract them with something—I don’t know what—but don’t fret
I’ll get them off your tail, and when I turn
I want you to run for the fence just like it’s a race
Just like it’s the speediest sprint of your life
Like your life depends on it . . . because, literally, it does.
I’ll follow you as fast as I can
It’ll take them a while to drag out the dogs
I’ll try to trick them, and meet you at that tall tree from the window
If I’m not there in ten minutes . . . well, I guess I’m not invincible.
Are you ready?  Don’t cry—really, we’ll be all right.  I’m sure.
And when we do get out, we’ll live somewhere nice
With flowers and wonders you can’t imagine
and no one will need us, or take us again
On my honor.  Just . . . don’t cry . . . I can’t bear to hear it.
There, that’s better—we’ll be fine. Trust me.
Now, I’m going, but you don’t.  Not just yet.
Wait for my signal and run to beat the wind.
One . . . two . . . three . . . go!

Ho Hum

The kind of cloud nobody wants around
The one all the people run and hide from
The other clouds all scowl and turn away
                It’s hard to be a raincloud

Maybe somecloud will not run at the sound
My voice just seems to make bad feelings come
And no one wants to ask for me to play
                It’s hard to be a raincloud

But yesterday I found a bigger cloud
His voice—it thunders ‘cause he is a storm
He says maybe we’ll both cheer up someday
                And we won’t both be rainclouds


  1. LOL! I love them!!!! These were so worth waiting for :] The last one reminds me of Eeyore--he was always my favorite.

  2. Very nice~!
    I really like Ho Hum and Escape. I want to know more about the story behind the latter of those two. :D
    But yeah, good job.

  3. Awww, Eeyore always was my favorite too. :3

    Wellllll I'll tell you waht they all were inspired by just cuz I can.

    Hit the Streets was inspired by Need For Speed World/Most Wanted. SUCH FUN GAMES, YOU GUYS. I love them, even though I kind of stink. XD

    Hope-flickering was inspired by my story Darkness when I realized that the line 'Drink from the waters that swept me away' followed the rhyme scheme we were studying. :P

    Escape was from nothing, really... Our teacher said we should try to make it suspensefull, and I love love love writing about escapes from highly-patrolled fortresses and the like. Couldn't tell you why. ^_^ This one is about a boy and a girl that's slightly younger than him... I think they have inhuman powers or intelligence that whoever it is wants, and they don't want to be used, so the boy creates a plan. And that's him, talking her through the escape.
    Yep. :P

    Ho Hum... I really don't remember. I think I was feeling sad but wanted to make fun of it a little. I took great pride in the fact that if the stormcloud or the little raincloud "cheer up" and stop being rainclouds, they'll also cease to exist and be torn into a thousand million water molecules dispersed in the atmosphere.

    I'm glad you guys like them-- they're not my favorites. ^^'