Saturday, June 25, 2011

And She's Off!

Hey guys!
Guess what?  I fail at writing consistently!  So far, I've been writing only when I've been inspired, and I've been too dang tired and frazzled to be inspired.
You know why?
Because tomorrow, these two kiddos will be heading to the airport to go to lovely... COLORADO!

Yours truly and my wonderful Onii-chan

Although it's going to be at 5:15 in the morning, so we'll probably look a little more like this.
Sleepy. Also with Mountain Dew.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All Things Young And Beautiful

Gosh, how I love the way that Owl City inspires you to create fantastically fluffy, lusciously light, tangible daydreams that you can only describe as art. Ecstatically excited, you rush to your desk and let your inspiration bloom into full-blown fantasies and dramatic, dream-like miracles of existence.  And then you realize, “Oh, wait, I’m not Adam Young.  I can’t legally be this adorable.”  Raising an eyebrow, it’s then that you realize that everything you just made is absolutely atrocious and appalling, completely convoluted, licentiously light and pathetically piteous . . . and you go and drown your human and incredibly not Adam-Young-like sorrows in a tub of double fudge ice cream.
In spite of my abundance of sarcasm, I honestly hope I’m not the only one this happens to.
Owl City’s All Things Bright And Beautiful comes out today.  Are you excited?
On the 12th, some lovely friends of mine lent me their pre-ordered copy of his CD.  It’s incredibly lovely and magical, just like you would expect.  It’s still Owl City, but it’s a little different than his previous works, especially songs like Kamikaze.  Of course, I still loved every second . . .  even when I was laughing out loud when he crooned a line that I was NOT expecting.  Why yes, Deer in the Headlights, I am speaking to you.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Told You I'd Be Back~ (Update 16)

I’ve got two things to put forth for your reading pleasure today.  I think I’ve decided to stop calling things I write like this poems, and start calling them something else.  They’re not really poems to me… they’re just word patterns.  Detached patterns used to convey an idea.  Poetry?  I’m not about to claim it’s poetry.   It would have to be much more elegant to be considered poetry in my mind.
So here are two patterns for you. :]
This first one was written when I was tired.  Not super tired, but a physical tiredness instead of a sleepy tiredness.  Taken and stretched horribly out of proportion, I actually came up with a kind of interesting little pattern.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Writing Dump~

Yep.  Told you I'd dump all of this on you sooner or later... so here it is.

I guess we'll just go in chronological order, since that's the easiest way to go.  :]

First of all, I've rewritten the prologue to Islander (yes, AGAIN) and I've put it on the page.  One day I'll be done with this book, guys, and it'll be AWESOME.  I know it. :P

I've added a link on the side to a short story I wrote for my writing class.  It's called Best Friends Forever.  It's a real life story, which aren't often my favorites, but it's loosely based (and rather warpedly (that's a word now, guys)) on circumstances and memories of my own life and other friendships I've observed.  But my best friend and I weren't like that--  She's really wonderful as opposed to the fake wonderful that was Lacey and I'm not quite so needy or OCD as Meridith.  We get along rather nicely, I think. ^_~

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I know I keep writing these update posts, but this one is kind of hard.
Because, I mean, a lot has happened….
but not much has happened.
After all, IT’S SUMMER NOW!  Which is great.  This also means that not much has happened.  But I haven’t posted in a while, so a lot has happened.  Make sense?
Maybe not.
Well, the first piece of business is that SCHOOL IS OVER.  But with school being over, my mother had turned off the internet on my laptop.  Which, we suppose, is okay, but Seiji George and I are finding it a lot harder to survive without Grooveshark, and the death of the interwebs will also make it harder to post, which is something I wanted to do more frequently throughout the summer.
But the internet being down led to my rewriting of the prologue of Islander, and it’s better now, and I didn’t kill the voice of the book.  (SCORE.)  I hope to be working on it a lot more, since I have some free time at my nannying job after I’m off-duty.
In my life, I’ve also stayed up until 3 am at a sleepover once, been to one swim party, went to the mall to window-shop once, and read one book.
But it’s only been like a week, guys!  So no judging.