Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All Things Young And Beautiful

Gosh, how I love the way that Owl City inspires you to create fantastically fluffy, lusciously light, tangible daydreams that you can only describe as art. Ecstatically excited, you rush to your desk and let your inspiration bloom into full-blown fantasies and dramatic, dream-like miracles of existence.  And then you realize, “Oh, wait, I’m not Adam Young.  I can’t legally be this adorable.”  Raising an eyebrow, it’s then that you realize that everything you just made is absolutely atrocious and appalling, completely convoluted, licentiously light and pathetically piteous . . . and you go and drown your human and incredibly not Adam-Young-like sorrows in a tub of double fudge ice cream.
In spite of my abundance of sarcasm, I honestly hope I’m not the only one this happens to.
Owl City’s All Things Bright And Beautiful comes out today.  Are you excited?
On the 12th, some lovely friends of mine lent me their pre-ordered copy of his CD.  It’s incredibly lovely and magical, just like you would expect.  It’s still Owl City, but it’s a little different than his previous works, especially songs like Kamikaze.  Of course, I still loved every second . . .  even when I was laughing out loud when he crooned a line that I was NOT expecting.  Why yes, Deer in the Headlights, I am speaking to you.
If this was more of a CD review, and if I were more gifted at expressing my feelings and impressions from music, I would go into detail.  But then, I also don’t want to rub it in your face that I got to hear the whole thing before the actual release date of today.
Well.  Actually I kind of do.
All I can really tell you (since I’m the worst reviewer in the whole of the world) is that it’s incredible and I hope you love it just as much as I’m enjoying it right now. ^_^  I woke up to The Real World, and it simply makes me feel like a beautiful, beautiful person.  I put on a dress and went dancing through the house while I did my chores.
His music is my happy drug.
Even though I’m eternally envious of his euphoric eloquence.
My only qualm with it?  The adorable Adam Young and marvelous Matt Thiessen sound so much alike on Plant Life that I can’t tell my two loves apart.  When I heard my Matty T singing backup I almost thought it was A. Young and kept listening for Matt to come in . . .  until the end of the song.  I could hear Thiessen’s fingerprints throughout the whole thing, though—with the piano, and some of the word play that sounded more Relient K-esque than Young-ish—and that cheered me sufficiently.
But I would have liked to hear his beautiful voice some more.

Well.  I’m off to consume a tub of double fudge ice cream in dissolutely decadent despair.  Have a spectacular day, because, hey, if you’re dying to see, there are angels around your vicinity.
~Christina (currently an alliteration addict (LOOK I DID IT AGAIN))


  1. I've never really heard Owl City's songs (besides the wildly popular and crazily addictive "Firefiles" =P) This new album has been getting really great reviews from all the magazines I read/websites I follow, so I think I'll have to check it out. The title itself makes me happy, just because it starts out a crazy-fun song we sing in our VBS program =D So yes. XD

  2. ADAM YOUNG IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE HUMAN BEING ALIVE. Go and listen to every song he's sang. Go and read every blog post he's written. The man is basically a miracle.

    Sorry for the fangirling. But this kid makes me more envious than anyone in the world. He's just SO talented. :P

  3. LOL! Not sure if I have time to go to THAT extreme XD But I shall add his songs to my Grooveshark playlist and listen to them all right now =D