Saturday, June 25, 2011

And She's Off!

Hey guys!
Guess what?  I fail at writing consistently!  So far, I've been writing only when I've been inspired, and I've been too dang tired and frazzled to be inspired.
You know why?
Because tomorrow, these two kiddos will be heading to the airport to go to lovely... COLORADO!

Yours truly and my wonderful Onii-chan

Although it's going to be at 5:15 in the morning, so we'll probably look a little more like this.
Sleepy. Also with Mountain Dew.

I'm very excited (minus leaving home at 5:15), and I'm sure I'll have lots to tell you when I get back on the 18th.
Summit lasts from June 26 - July 8th, then I'll be at home for one, nap-filled, laundry clogged day, and head to Indiana Wesleyan University for a week, to the Fellowship of Christian Magicians International conference.

Because my mom is a facepainter and balloon artist.  She made the news at a Colts game once.
 We went last year, and it was a ton of fun, so I'm excited for that as well.  However, even though I will be home on the 9th, I shan't be posting, so I shall be gone for those two weeks.
Since I haven't really posted any real writing in far too long, have some random pictures.

We're going to be gone over said wonderful and handsome older brother's 18th birthday, so this is his present.  He used to have one when he was a kid.

The tag is also in Japanese, which makes it the coolest birthday present ever.

This is a bag I just got from ThinkGeek, and my new, super-cool wallet.

I have decided I would make a very attractive mustached man, I would be named Christopher Theophilus Icarus, and I would marry my Purple Hippo Girl.  I also am my own new crush.

These are my nails right now.  My thumb is PacMan, about to take out the ghosts while they're vulnerable...
But watch out!  Because here come Blinky, In ky, Pinky and Clyde, and they're out to get you!
My thumb is, coincidentally, a dead PacMan.
That's all I got for now.  I hope you enjoy your two weeks, and I'll see you in July!

Peace out, blog,

Christina Icarus


  1. I think I am in love with Christopher Theophilus Icarus. I must slay the purple hippo.

  2. Bahaha! I love your nails XD And your bag! AND YOUR MUSTACHE =D

    And if I was resourceful I'd smuggle myself onboard your airplane =) Have fun!