Monday, October 10, 2011

Positively Enchanting~

So this is an advertisement.  Kind of.

Well, I've decided it's not really an advertisement but more like a girlfriend sharing news of a really great deal at her favorite store.

Favorites?  Great deal, you say?

I'm glad you're all ears.

Deas Vail's new self-titled CD is available today on Amazon for $3.99.  It came out a day earlier than expected, and it's four dollars.

I've already got mine.  I'm listening to it right now, and as the first song's chorus began, I got chills.  I cannot express with words just how much I adore Deas Vail. 

I can try, but all words fail.  Deas Vail positively takes my breath away.  Wes and Laura Blaylock's vocals are captivatingly beautiful, and every note is so poignant and evokes such emotion. They treat their music more like art than anyone I’ve heard before.  It’s more than just something else to listen to.  I feel like every band member is absolutely fabulous at what they do and they all strive for perfection. The sound of it transports me somewhere else, and it’s lovely there.  The art they put forth inspires me to create. 

Deas Vail is radiant with talent, and this album is wonderful to listen to. So much beauty!  It couldn't be-- but it is.  And I can't get enough.

It's basically a miracle.

[Also, if I can reiterate for you writerly types... It's also where I get a lot of my inspiration for writing.  Just so you know.  *shoves you off to go buy it*]

Yes.  Sorry.  Wish I actually had something to SAY say instead of just telling you to go buy the new album by my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE source of inspiration. ;]

But who knows?  Now that I have some new energy for my muses, I might just have to find some time to write again.  Maybe this is the boost I need.

Summer days are held in a photograph
It's never the same... we can't go back...

Christina Icarus


  1. I feel strangely deprived o_o I've never heard of them before! That's an awesome deal! *runs off to go look at the album*

  2. Feeling deprived is all right as long as you remedy the situation. ;]
    They're love. <3 I was freaking out. haha