Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two Things That Make Me Happy

There's something that has been making me increasingly joyful these past few days.  It's because I've just discovered what a wonderful thing it is, and I've developed a craving of it that's not really comparable.

Joy is one word for it.

The other?


I've always loved tea.  Well, always meaning since possibly twelve years old.  A long time, anyway.  Recently I've been on a tea kick.  The last few days I've consumed copious amounts of tea:  Wild Raspberry, Orange and Spice, Plantation Mint, Peach Dream... I'm fixing to have a True Blueberry here in a minute.

I wish I had time enough to make it in our pretty red teapot, but I feel I would make too much water and it would be too hot to drink... so I'm sticking true to my 21st-century upbringing and nucrowaving it.

You have to add a generous dollop of honey, of course... I'll never understand how some people can drink it straight up.

 Let it steep for however long they suggest, and presto...



And the other thing that had been making me happy lately?


Now, let me tell you something about me.  I don't watch TV shows.  I did when I was little, you know, Rocket Power and Totally Spies and Hamtaro and Cyberchase or whatever.  But not so much recently, except for anime occasionally (TSUBASA RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE!!!).  (Unless you count a few years ago when my brothers got all of the seasons of Flight 29 Down on DVD from the library and we watched every single one.  And I don't think it really counts cuz it's got Corbin Bleu in it.)


It's so good.  So incredibly good.  Patrick Jane is incredibly smart and charming and I am completely enamored even though I don't even find him really attractive and he's only five years younger than my mother.  He really should not be as cool as he is.


Also he drinks tea.  Lots of tea.

I think it's subliminal messaging.  I didn’t even think about drinking tea until I started watching The Mentalist.  I think my brain is convinced that if I drink copious amounts of tea someday I’ll be as completely brilliant and self-assured as Patrick Jane is—which is, of course, preposterous.  Because he’s fake.

Right?  Preposterous?

Well, by any means, tea makes me happy.  So I suppose I ought to say thank you, Bruno Heller, for reminding me I love tea, and for writing such a completely enchanting TV show.  Even if my brothers do make fun of me for loving Patrick Jane and even if they do ask me if I love him more than Captain America.


Mmmm, tea.


Christina Icarus


  1. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE tea. Mostly iced tea. But I drink hot tea, too--usually when it gets colder. You have now inspired me to have my first cup of hot tea this month today =D

    Never seen The Mentalist, but the ads intruiged me. Now I must look into this XD

  2. Tea is amazing. It makes the world go 'round, in fact. xD
    Although, I don't tend to like herbal tea as much as black tea or green tea. My current obsession is Earl Gray... I've kind of been obsessed with it for a long time. :3

    Hm... I'll have the check The Mentalist out. Maybe after I'm done watching Merlin and Doctor Who. x3

  3. It really, really does.
    I'm addicted to herbal tea. I drink it constantly. It's sooooooooo~ incredibly~ delicious. I can't get enough. Mmmmmmmm. [3

    The Mentalist makes me so happy~ It's a great show. :3