Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday 2011: a schedule

1.  Put away Thanksgiving dishes.  Lady Beautiful shows up.  Get dressed and ready.  Timomisanchankun decides to come with us to first stop.
2. Leave for Walmart at 9.00 pm.  Absolutely packed.  Shop for a while.  You buy Mom's present, and Grandma's.  Also buy snacks (Four cans of Monster, three mini bags of Doritos, three Snickers, two bags of Twizzlers).  Timomisanchankun decides to stay on.
3. Leave for Macy's at 11.00 pm.  Wait for an hour for doors to open.  Between Lady Beautiful, Timomisanchankun, and you, eat a bag of Twizzlers.  Also give a Snickers to Lady Beautiful's mother and feed one to Timomisanchankun and eat one yourself.  Timomisanchankun puts the box of Monsters outside of the door of the car so they will be cold.  Pull them in every time someone walks by.  Go inside when you realize people can stand in the mall instead of waiting in the car.  Doors open.  Buy two pairs of jeans (best friend's birthday present to you).
4. Chug Monsters on way to Target, but not Lady Beautiful's mom.  Arrive at 2 am. Shop. Lose Timomisanchankun in crowd.  Run through store calling his name.  Ask Lady Beautiful's mom where he is to realize he's right behind you.  Wait in checkout line that is running up and down 12+ aisles.  Play silent game for part because Lady Beautiful has a headache.  Buy rest of Mom's gift, part of friend's birthday present.
5. Go to Starbucks.  You order white chocolate mocha with an extra shot of espresso not realizing this means it now has THREE SHOTS in it.  Drink coffee.  Lady Beautiful gives her peppermint mocha to Timomisanchankun because she feels nauseous.  Timomisanchankun realizes coffee is a yummy thing and drinks it all.  Get thirsty.  Get glasses of water.  Chug water.
6. Leave for Radio Shack at 3.45.  Arrive at 4. Doors to open at 5.30.  You are dumb for arriving so early.  Two people in line in front of you.  Try to sleep but can't because you just drank A TON of caffeine.  Get annoyed, complain and be mildly irritable but more so hilariously amused at everything in the car for an hour.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Caffieneeeeee (but a more appropriate title would be: IT'S A BATTLE or perhaps WAHAHAHA)

SO.  I have news.  News that is probably unfortunate to come across this late into NaNoWriMo, but that’s the way the world turns, the crow flies and the tides roll, eh?
I think I’m confusing my metaphors.
ANYWAY.  My news.
Wait no the other news.  I was going to say that later.  (But he is, guys.  Really really really really cool.  Like, in my list of superhero true loves it’s Captain America, Spiderman, and then Green Lantern.  He’s fabulous, super attractive and his character changes throughout the movie! (As opposed to Captain Rogers my love who is fabulous, super attractive and pretty much perfect throughout the whole film, and Spidey dear who is fabulous, great but gets better, and is mildly . . . well . . . not really attractive but he’s Spiderman, okay?!!?) So yeah!  Green Lantern’s cool.)
BUT MY FIRST NEWS. (wow I should not be trying to blog while I’m on caffeine. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY. SEGWAY!)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chapter Four: Whereupon Prince Talor Has A Nervous Breakdown Because I Am Bored of Normalcy (Already)

Talor watched the girl leave, waiting until she was around a curve of the brown-red mountain.  As soon as her boot disappeared from view, he whirled.  “Raech!” he hissed, staring in bewilderment at his mentor.  His finger stabbed through the air, the tiny jewel lying conspicuously on the greying wood. A light scarlet smudge lay beneath it and the light danced across its surface.
Raech turned to him, arms crossed.  “Bold move you made there.  That woman wasn’t who she said she was.”
“I don’t care.”  Talor’s voice was low and intense.  “Come and look at this right now.”
Raech’s face relaxed into an angry mask at being snubbed but he stepped up to the table anyway.  He looked down.  “You found a red jewel?”  He looked up at the young prince, surprised.  “That’s quite valuable, since—.”
You don’t understand!”  Talor shoved his hands into his hair and clutched at his head.  The green jewel, previously hidden by his hair on the upper helix, sparkled in the daylight, the fake Nalinian gem below it on his earlobe. “I did not find with a red jewel, I was led to a red jewel.” His voice escalated in volume.  “How is that even possible? It’s supposed to be green!  Green!” Talor picked it up and held it in the air.  “That’s not valuable, that’s completely impossible!  I was supposed to get a green one!  What am I supposed to do with this?
 “Well, perhaps—.”
Talor flung the gem at the table and sat heavily on the stump. Burying his face in his hands, he wailed in a muffled voice, “It’s not even greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen . . .”


Yeah, you got that right.  When Christina gets bored and she's behind on wordcount STRANGE THINGS START HAPPENING.

Cue Toy Story Music.

Anyway. Just wanted to give ya'll a little update on the novel front.

I'm still like a million words behind.  And I have 3 days where I absolutely will not be able to write.


Life is crazy.

Christina Icarus

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

THIS. IS. SPARTA. . . . wait a second . . .

It is November 15th.

The middle day of NaNoWriMo.

25,000 words.

The middle.

Blood is Thick.
14,171 words.


Joy Williams and The Classic Crime.

A sauceless pizza.

A huge water bottle.



Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Yeah, so I don't really celebrate Halloween REALLY.  I'm just not a fan of the zombies and the witches and the dead things and werewolves and vampires (of any kind, sparkly or not).  Keep your demons, please, and just give me the candy.  Great!  Thanks!  Bai.

HOWEVER. That being said.  I do enjoy carving pumpkins.

Nerdy punkins are just better than usual.
 And I also enjoy dressing up in costume...

Even when my friends have no clue who I'm supposed to be.

The hat would have made it more obvious.

I'm Link, guys.  What kind of geeks are you?  LINKKKK.
Anyway.  Gonna watch The Mentalist and get writing again.  Just thought I'd recount my Halloween in pictures since I had a minute.

Who's looking forward to Thanksgiving??
Christina Icarus

Monday, November 7, 2011

NaNoWriMo '11: Blood is Thick

The wind whispered across the snow, sweeping the white ash through the air.  Horses, riderless, stood in the cold, ducking their heads to keep the burning from their eyes.  A tiny figure sat on a third horse, flakes gathering on his eyelashes as hot tears spilled from his eyes and froze as they trickled down his cheeks.  Below him, in the ravine, blood had melted the snow before freezing into a glossy scarlet sheet over the ice.
Death was before him, the icy tundra on all sides.
There was no escape from the oppression that surrounded him.  Shaking, the child threw his head back and tore the sky with his wail.

There it is:  the prologue to my 2011 writing adventure that is National Novel Writing Month.  Exciting, huh?
Yeah, that's probably the best thing that I've written thus far.  It's kind of insane and totally bizarre.  Like, I'm 9,002 words in and I'm only on plot point two?  That kind of insane.
I have a feeling I'm not going to be done with the book at all by the time I have 50,000 words.  Which is amusing, because in the past I've finished with 50,010 and 50,008 words on November 30th.


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've been working on that and things in my life are kind of jacked right now and I'm waiting for something to change while trusting God the best I know how.  Run-on sentence?  Maybe.  I can only think for so long in a day. :]
I'll try to post more regularly, both here and on five.minute.anyday..  You guys deserve it, you lovely readers. :3
Christina Icarus