Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday 2011: a schedule

1.  Put away Thanksgiving dishes.  Lady Beautiful shows up.  Get dressed and ready.  Timomisanchankun decides to come with us to first stop.
2. Leave for Walmart at 9.00 pm.  Absolutely packed.  Shop for a while.  You buy Mom's present, and Grandma's.  Also buy snacks (Four cans of Monster, three mini bags of Doritos, three Snickers, two bags of Twizzlers).  Timomisanchankun decides to stay on.
3. Leave for Macy's at 11.00 pm.  Wait for an hour for doors to open.  Between Lady Beautiful, Timomisanchankun, and you, eat a bag of Twizzlers.  Also give a Snickers to Lady Beautiful's mother and feed one to Timomisanchankun and eat one yourself.  Timomisanchankun puts the box of Monsters outside of the door of the car so they will be cold.  Pull them in every time someone walks by.  Go inside when you realize people can stand in the mall instead of waiting in the car.  Doors open.  Buy two pairs of jeans (best friend's birthday present to you).
4. Chug Monsters on way to Target, but not Lady Beautiful's mom.  Arrive at 2 am. Shop. Lose Timomisanchankun in crowd.  Run through store calling his name.  Ask Lady Beautiful's mom where he is to realize he's right behind you.  Wait in checkout line that is running up and down 12+ aisles.  Play silent game for part because Lady Beautiful has a headache.  Buy rest of Mom's gift, part of friend's birthday present.
5. Go to Starbucks.  You order white chocolate mocha with an extra shot of espresso not realizing this means it now has THREE SHOTS in it.  Drink coffee.  Lady Beautiful gives her peppermint mocha to Timomisanchankun because she feels nauseous.  Timomisanchankun realizes coffee is a yummy thing and drinks it all.  Get thirsty.  Get glasses of water.  Chug water.
6. Leave for Radio Shack at 3.45.  Arrive at 4. Doors to open at 5.30.  You are dumb for arriving so early.  Two people in line in front of you.  Try to sleep but can't because you just drank A TON of caffeine.  Get annoyed, complain and be mildly irritable but more so hilariously amused at everything in the car for an hour.
Consume Doritos. Drive to Speedway at 5 because you MUST go to the bathroom because you just drank essentially two grande beverages.  Get back to Radio Shack.  Lady Beautiful decides she absolutely MUST go to the bathroom. Wait for doors to open.  Talk to oddly friendly lady about the Xbox 360 because she wasn't sure if you were waiting for it because you could buy it in Amazon for cheaper. FINALLY get in after standing in line for a few minutes. Lady Beautiful buys a phone that's super cool.  Yay~
7. Go to Burlington Coat Factory at 6ish.  Be so exhausted you are falling over.  Timomisanchankun falls asleep in a chair.  End up buying nothing, only tripping, falling on the ground and sitting there zoning out.
8. Go to Perkins at 7 for breakfast.  Be so loopy everyone is watching you with weird expressions.  Don't even care.  Be loud, obnoxious and creepy.  Laugh hysterically when Lady Beautiful's mom asks what you want to order.  Try to breathe.  Eat breakfast but you're not that hungry.
9.  Drop Timomisanchankun off at home.
10.  Go to Lady Beautiful's house.  Sleep from 9.30 to 4.00.
11.  Come home.  Take a shower, calm down. The sun has set and it is 6.00 pm.  You are 30000 words behind on your NaNoWriMo novel.  Have fun writing tonight.  *shot*


  1. WHAT FUN! That sounds epic. *mental note* I WILL GO BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING. Next year ;3

  2. It was pretty crazy. Also we heard "Moves Like Jagger" like seventeen times and every time we turned it up really loud and danced to it in the car. It was pretty hilarious. XD
    I am exhausted though. XDD

  3. You went freakin' crazy for the Black Friday Brawl...we got up at seven, went to the mall, no one was there, we got stuff and left about nine. Nothing fancy.