Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Caffieneeeeee (but a more appropriate title would be: IT'S A BATTLE or perhaps WAHAHAHA)

SO.  I have news.  News that is probably unfortunate to come across this late into NaNoWriMo, but that’s the way the world turns, the crow flies and the tides roll, eh?
I think I’m confusing my metaphors.
ANYWAY.  My news.
Wait no the other news.  I was going to say that later.  (But he is, guys.  Really really really really cool.  Like, in my list of superhero true loves it’s Captain America, Spiderman, and then Green Lantern.  He’s fabulous, super attractive and his character changes throughout the movie! (As opposed to Captain Rogers my love who is fabulous, super attractive and pretty much perfect throughout the whole film, and Spidey dear who is fabulous, great but gets better, and is mildly . . . well . . . not really attractive but he’s Spiderman, okay?!!?) So yeah!  Green Lantern’s cool.)
BUT MY FIRST NEWS. (wow I should not be trying to blog while I’m on caffeine. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY. SEGWAY!)
SO YEAH. Caffeine is what it’s about!!  I learned YESTERDAY that if I drink a grande caramel brulee latte at 7 pm I will last until 1:30 am.  This got me about 3000 words by the time I actually sat down to write.
Tonight I drank one at 9 pm.  So I’m figuring I’ll be up until like 3:30 or something CRAZY like that.
Hey that just reminded me of Crazy Redd.  Do ya’ll know who he is?  No, never mind, you don’t because no one does.  (No one ever gets your obscure Nintendo references, Christina.  Give it a rest. *cries in corner* ) But you should, cuz his deals are CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!
Thanksgiving night me and Lady Beautiful (haha, I remembered her blog name~ I am so good) are leaving mi casa at 9:30 pm to get to Wal*Mart at 10, from which we will go to six different stores and a Starbucks break at 4:00 or something and conclude at 10 am.
(I said that like a rapper in my mind.  Did you read it like a rapper?  Huh?  Huh?  Didja?  You should have, fool. (I would make a very bad rapper.))
Don’t you wish my Caps Lock button was broken? WELL TOO BAD.
ANYWAY.  I’m gonna write to my very best, to get as many words as I can before 3:30 rolls around and I collapse on my keyboard, I’m gonna be the very best like no one ever was, to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause…
Aren’t you glad I don’t drink coffee and blog more often??  So’m I!!!
I was planning on signing out with the Green Lantern motto chant mantra but I can’t remember it.
So I’ll leave you with this instead:
“I’m loyal to nothing, general, except the dream.” ~Captain AMERICAAAAAAAAAAAA
Okay seriously gotta go train to beat the elite four and all that.  I mean write a million words for NaNo and all that.  This analogy was dead before it was born.
But yes.  Off to the novelling frontier now.  Finally.  This is the longest conclusion to one of my posts EVAHR.
EXCEPT IT’S NOT THE NOVELING FRONTIER—IT’S THE BATTLE FRONTIER! POKÉMON! Be the best you can be and you’ll find your destiny . . . it’s the master plan!  THE POWER’S IN YOUR HANDS!
Christina Icarus


  1. Oh my word, you and caffeine equal humor of epic proportions XD Have a great Thanksgiving and an ever better shopping trip. Black Friday. I wish I was brave enough to get up off my sofa the day (morning? early morning? lol) after Thanksgiving and shop until I dropped. I'mmmm thinking I'd last about an hour XD

  2. Go stab that NaNoWriMo Ganondorf in the FACE.