Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chapter Four: Whereupon Prince Talor Has A Nervous Breakdown Because I Am Bored of Normalcy (Already)

Talor watched the girl leave, waiting until she was around a curve of the brown-red mountain.  As soon as her boot disappeared from view, he whirled.  “Raech!” he hissed, staring in bewilderment at his mentor.  His finger stabbed through the air, the tiny jewel lying conspicuously on the greying wood. A light scarlet smudge lay beneath it and the light danced across its surface.
Raech turned to him, arms crossed.  “Bold move you made there.  That woman wasn’t who she said she was.”
“I don’t care.”  Talor’s voice was low and intense.  “Come and look at this right now.”
Raech’s face relaxed into an angry mask at being snubbed but he stepped up to the table anyway.  He looked down.  “You found a red jewel?”  He looked up at the young prince, surprised.  “That’s quite valuable, since—.”
You don’t understand!”  Talor shoved his hands into his hair and clutched at his head.  The green jewel, previously hidden by his hair on the upper helix, sparkled in the daylight, the fake Nalinian gem below it on his earlobe. “I did not find with a red jewel, I was led to a red jewel.” His voice escalated in volume.  “How is that even possible? It’s supposed to be green!  Green!” Talor picked it up and held it in the air.  “That’s not valuable, that’s completely impossible!  I was supposed to get a green one!  What am I supposed to do with this?
 “Well, perhaps—.”
Talor flung the gem at the table and sat heavily on the stump. Burying his face in his hands, he wailed in a muffled voice, “It’s not even greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen . . .”


Yeah, you got that right.  When Christina gets bored and she's behind on wordcount STRANGE THINGS START HAPPENING.

Cue Toy Story Music.

Anyway. Just wanted to give ya'll a little update on the novel front.

I'm still like a million words behind.  And I have 3 days where I absolutely will not be able to write.


Life is crazy.

Christina Icarus


  1. At least you're doing better than I ever could...

  2. WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER... or something inspirational like that. ERGH. I'm behind on wordcount, too, and it's not even funny how depressing those bar graphs make me. I just know they're laughing at me as they tell me that I'll be done on December 13th >.<

  3. I've given up on trying to write my NaNo novel. It just doesn't work when Orethan's involved. He refuses to be written so quickly - and I've already started to write creepy random things that would never happen in their world - and the Orethan, Merthor, and Blade would never, ever do.

    But anyway, this excerpt seems logical and quite normal alongside the dementedness I've written for my novel. xD