Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Year, Another Day . . .

Happy birthday to Christina . . . 
Happy birthday to Christina . . . 
Happy birthday happy birthday 
Happy birthday to Christina . . .

 My littlest brother doesn't exactly know the words to the song.  But it's the sentiment that counts, and at two years old, that sentiment is enough for me.

Another year, another day, and today I'm seventeen.  People always look at me with an inquisitive glance when I comment under my breath that I didn't ever suppose I would live this long.

I guess it's not that I thought I would die before this . . . just that I never imagined myself at seventeen.  When I was young I never imagined myself any older.  I don't think that I could if I tried.

But if I were to go back and ask myself, at seven years old, if this me ten years later was acceptable, she would say yes.  Or at least a "hmaybe."

I feel older today.  People always joke about how you never feel older on your birthday, just the same as you did the year before and the year before but I do feel older.  Just a little, just a fraction.  Staring at myself in the mirror this morning, I was trying to imagine.  Seventeen whole years of existence.  Seventeen years is a long time-- not necessarily in terms of age, because there are a trillion people older than seventeen, but still.  A lot happens in seventeen years.


















It looks like a lot, doesn't it?  A lot of numbers, of years. I'm not old by any means. Just older.

I sat on my bed this morning, reflecting on my life.  That sounds really deep, but I thought it apt, since it is another anniversary of when the world was first blessed with my existence (haha.).  And thinking, staring into my prayer journal as I started my Bible study, I realized.  I am so incredibly blessed.

Talking to my mom as we pulled into the Starbucks parking lot, I realized.  I am so incredibly blessed.  She said at my age she woke up, went to school for a half-day, went and got lunch, went to work at the AUL building downtown, got off, ate dinner, and went to work at Osco drug until nine, when she went home, did homework, and then went to sleep to do it again.  She worked hard at my age.  On her good days.  On her bad days.  She wasn't as privileged as I am, as blessed.

I have a wonderful daddy that loves me so incredibly much, who works hard so I can stay comfortable and content.

I have a lovely mama who is always on my team, always works to make sure I'm all right.

I have a super great older brother who thinks I'm beautiful and talented and won't stop telling me so.

I have a younger brother who always looks out for me, always cares how I'm doing.

I have two little brothers who are adorable and so precious (even when I am irritable and they're annoying the life out of me).

I have a super cool bedroom, a roof over my head, privacy, luxury, my own computer, a ton of clothing, more shoes than I can wear in a month, money in the bank (even if it's only a little).  I am so blessed.  So privileged.

I can look at my life and say that it's more than I ever dreamed, could have imagined for myself.

God takes such good care of me.

Seventeen years and they have been good ones.  Such, such good years.

Love of mine, oh my how I have grown
I'm different now
Don't ever want to go back to being alone
It's different now
But I wouldn't change a thing

Christina Kuri Icarus


  1. I don't think I knew I was older than you until right now =P Wow! Seventeen [so far] has been good to me, as has God in letting me reach this point! I hope you have a great birthday and a very happy New Year :3

  2. AHHHICAN'TBELIEVEIFORGOTTODAYWASYOURBIRTHDAY!!! Happy birthday to someone who is still one of my favorite people. To one of the most awesome people I know. May you enjoy this seventeenth year even more than the sixteen that preceded it.

    In other words, I forgot to get you a present. Please forgive me.

    In other other words, IT'S YA BIRTHDAY. GO CRAZY.

    And finally, we really need to talk again at some point!! You still rock!