Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here's To Many More

Parenthetically Bizarre is a year old today.


It's been a year of writing and not writing, posting and not posting, and way too many caps lock moments. NOT THAT THERE CAN BE TOO MANY CAPS LOCK MOMENTS. I MEAN SERIOUSLY.

Anyway.  A year ago today Parenthetically Bizarre was born because I was happy that day.  Yay nostalgia!

Got a party to go to tonight so we'll make this brief.  I've just GOT to post today.  I'm sure you understand.

So!  These are the stats for the whole year.  Not really sure why they go back to May of 2009, because I was finishing freshman year and hadn't even considered writing a thing back then, but whatever, Blogger.

Total pageviews come in at 4,098. DANG THAT'S A LOT.  I must be super popular or something.  Most pageviews in June, and the lowest of lows in July.  After mountains come valleys, I suppose.

The most clicks have come from Jodi's blog!  Her blog is basically an interstate of the interwebs, however, so I'm not surprised.  Second most clicks come from here.  Very sneaky, Parenthetically. I see what you did there.

The most clicked posts are no surprise; those are on the sidebar anyway so you got a sneak peek.  But did you know what pages get the most views?

In first place, we have Do You Hear The Violins?. I'm proud of that story.  I'm glad you all like it.  Even though Lilian is mentally unstable and Stephen is a jerk.  I mean, it takes place in the '60s and '70s!  Maybe that's why ya'll like it so much

HOWEVER.  Darkness is at the bottom, ya'll, and Best Friends Forever just above that.  AT THE BOTTOM.  Kyle's Story ranks above Darkness.  Something is wrong here.  Darkness is so much better, and I think Forever is too, really.  I am super confused. I don't want to say you have no taste, because you have taken time to realize that the things on my blog are at least worth your time to click on, but really guys.  That just makes no sense.

While we're talking about YOU, let's check and see just where ya'll are located and where you've been perusing my blog from for the past 364 days.
Twenty-two from Australia.  Eighteen from the UK.

My life is complete.  I love you with all my heart, you and your lovely voices, darlings.

Also Latvia.  Just random enough to be awesome.

Now let's take a peek at the browsers!
You see Firefox on the chart?  It says that Firefox constitutes 33% of the pageviews.

There is only one reason I brought this up.

Why  the heck aren't the other 67% of you using Firefox?!?!

I have nineteen followers and I love you all.  I also love the 5+ people that also read this blog but don't follow (though I don't know why not because you could leave comments and make my LIFE.  But whatever.  Go ahead and stink.)

Okay, gotta head!  Got to get to that party and make some gingerbread houses.  It's been a great year-- here's to many more!

Love you all and seasonal returns,
Christina Kuri Icarus


  1. How perfect that your blog's birthday is around Christmastime =D It just makes the joy that much more... joyous? XD Happy Birthday, PBiz!

  2. How can you tell when your blog's birthday is?

  3. PBiz!! I love it! :D Happy birthday to it~!

    Well Dec 20th is just the first time I posted, the day I made the blog. That's the only way I know to tell.