Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just words

The fire is burning cheerily in its place.  Outside, the wind blows softly, no doubt on its way somewhere mysterious and exciting.  The sound of it invites us to join it and travel afar, but I'm curled up on the couch, you with your reading glasses in the armchair.

The room is a warm orangish glow and our low lamps aren't enough to make all the shadows disappear, so we simply coexist.

I glance up as I turn the page of my book and my eyes fall on you.  You're looking at me from over the rim of those sharp black glasses, your puzzle in your hand and your pen hanging limp from your fingers.


"Just thinking.  Imagining.  What do you want most out of a relationship?"

I smiled and let my book lay flat against the red plush blanket spread across my legs.  "I'd say . . . lots of moments like this.  Peace.  A stability even when my life is upside-down."

We paused for a moment considering this, and then I laughed. "Well, I'll need someone who isn't too stable, though, or else he won't be able to live with me at all. I'd need someone to put up with me.  Someone who likes walks in the sun and finding glass on the beach and appreciates the beauty of dandelions.  Someone who is okay with dinner being at four one day and eight the next.  Someone that understands."

"I see."  I watched the fire dance in the reflection in your eyes.  "And you'll need someone who can help you with your crazy schemes."

"Or at least go along with them, yes."  I grinned and curled in closer to the couch's arm.  "What about you?"

"Oh, me?  I just want someone to take along. Someone who's content just going along with me.  She's got to be loyal."  You paused, and glanced back down at your puzzle like you would find answers in your numbers and columns and rows.  "That's all I want."

You fell silent, and I started to find my place on the page again, but paused.  "Why did you want to know?"

Looking back up, the smile was evident in your eyes though your mouth was hidden behind your paper.  "Just trying to get a handle on who I should let in.  Don't want you to fall."

A slight smile spread across my face.  I started to speak, but you added, "You need the beauty of your dandelions."


Laura and Ernest discussing the future.  That's all. 

Just felt like writing something feel-good, I suppose.  There's nothing I love more than sitting with family, even and especially when you're all doing your own things.

There's just something special about family, I guess.

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  1. Doing anything with your family, no matter how dumb, makes it pretty special.