Sunday, December 25, 2011

O Holy Night

Listen to the midnight hush.  The stars shine high above, like millions of prisms scattering light abroad.

This is the night that Jesus has come to save His beloved.

For years we've waited, cried, craved, screamed and dreamed that He would come, please oh please just come, come and save us from the depravity that is ourselves, from the pain that we can naught but perpetuate.  We sin.  We err.  We can do nothing but.  We just want out.

And then, tonight, He comes.

He finally, finally comes.

Feel that for a moment.  You.  He has come for you.  He thinks you're worth coming for.

Feel that.  Do you feel the hope?  Even your weary, bone-aching tired soul is lightened within you because you finally know that you can be saved, saved from everything saved from yourself.

The sun finally rises on the dark night you have become so used to.

Imagine!  From nothing to glorious hope!  What can any human do but fall to her knees at the realization that she is saved, she is loved, there must be no more darkness?

This is the night that Jesus has come to save her, His beloved.

He came to teach us, to grasp our muddied hands and raise us to our feet.  He came to instruct us, to show us how to walk, help us to be right again.  He came to help us regain our footing.

He basks us in His love.  He covers us with His peace.  They are in His every action, in His arm around you as you stumble and struggle to walk.

Chains are broken, tears melt away.  He came to help and save and protect those who no one else will, those even we spurn.  He came because He cares and He can't stand to see you alone.

He speaks, and we are released.  Our heavy guilt, pain, oppression disappear-- flee-- from the One who loves you.

What can you do but sing?  What can you do but burst into tears?

All that is within you cannot keep from lauding His name, His actions, His loving hands.

Jesus has come!  He is King!

What can you do but praise Him forever?

He is so powerful to save us.

He is so glorious to have wanted to.

O, praise His name forever!


. . .


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