Saturday, December 10, 2011

Poor, Neglected (Boring) Blog . . .

Ah, poor Parenthetically Bizarre. I fear that you have become the boring blog, and that five.minute.anyday is the fun blog.
. . .
Well, I'm afraid there's not much I can do about that.  five.minute requires so much less planning (as is expected).  It's rather by-the-seat-of-my-pants, which is kind of how I like it when it comes to writing.  I don't like spurning Parenthetically, however.  I like them both rather a lot, and I miss you, Parenthetically.

Writing-wise, I've been working long and hard on something that *you'll* never read.  Just typing that makes me feel a little vicious, but I doubt you'd want to read it anyway.  You wouldn't get it and you would just be like, "this is dumb" and I would be hurt and go into a corner and cry because I am the only one in the whole world who would find even an inkling of enjoyment out of it.  It's just . . . one of those things.
Haven't picked up my NaNo novel again.  I keep telling myself it's because I'm just taking a break, and I'm writing above-said-other-thing, but I'm terrified I'm going to slide into a lack of care altogether for Blood is Thick and that when I come back to my November love it will turn out that I can't write anything at all.

I just finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy, which left me shaking with tears of sadness, disbelief and bittersweet contentment streaming down my face.  I mean it, that series is intense.  I laughed, I cried . . . it moved me, Bob.  I even hurled my glasses across the room and yelled NOOOOO at about page 312, 313 of Mockingjay.  Those of you who have read it before will know why.  Those of you who haven't, well anyway.

But oh yes this was relevant.  Finishing Mockingjay made me start thinking about my own novel, Blood is Thick.  I was running through all of the plot twists, turns, corkscrews and loop-de-loops Susanne Collins used throughout the course of her books and realized . . . I have one, maybe two notable plot twists in my story.  And the rest is just kind of . . . predictable.  Well, not super predictable, but not anything that makes your hair stand on end and makes you wonder what the heck is going on.
And then suddenly another princess from the neighboring country of Nalin is like "HEY I'M GONNA HIJACK YOUR NOVEL AND TAKE OVER YOUR PLOT!"
Possibly.  I'm not sure yet.  I got this idea last night, and late at that, so perhaps nothing will come of it.  But perhaps it will explode into something completely different.  This is the by-the-seat-of-my-pants part of writing, and this is what I love about it.

As to events in my life . . . well.  I called the local Life Centers crisis pregnancy center to see about volunteering.  I've felt convicted about going ever since I got back from Summit, but my plans were always stinted, either by personal ineptitude or circumstances beyond my control.  Concerning the former, I have this wonderful habit of convincing myself something is mind-numbingly terrifying and a much larger ordeal than it has to be, and I kind of paralyzed myself into inaction . . . I can't even think why anymore.  Things fell through once, and then I got busy, and then I just sat and worried about it instead of doing anything.
That's real effective, let me tell you. /epicburningsarcasm
Anyway.  I've got an appointment to go in and interview, see what I can do and what's going on Wednesday 14.  I'm pretty excited!  It felt good to actually do something instead of just acting like I was doing something.

I'll tell ya'll what happens!  And I promise I won't neglect Parenthetically for five.minute any longer.  I'll stop dividing my love, and start multiplying! Yay lame math joke! ;D

Okay, that's all for now.  I'll check up on ya'll sometime soon~  Happy Saturday, and Merry almost-Christmas! :]
Lots of love,
Christina Kuri Icarus


  1. NEITHER ARE THE BORING BLOG. DON'T DO THAT TO YOURSELF, CHRISTINA. I LOVE THIS BLOG AND THAT BLOG. My blog is the boring blog. You just keep writing and I will just keep enjoying it. I can't say I can do the same with mine. :P

  2. Aww :3 This isn't a boring blog! I love every post you've made. It's such a fun moment when I see that you've made a new post--I literally smile and think about happy things when I'm on my way to your blog =D Each post you make is amazing, and even if they're spread out, they're something to look forward to.

    Also, volunteering at places like Life Centers is PRICELESS. It's just... priceless. I said that already. But it is. I've never actually gotten to speak with the women who come in, but helping them indirectly is just as rewarding :3 I think you'll like it!

  3. Haha, I'm glad you like it. I just feel that it's slightly more boring than my other one. I guess I was wrong. :P
    Thanks for the encouragement~ :3

    Yeah, I'm only going to be working in the distribution center because I'm under 18 and I can't work at the actual center because of legal things . . . but I am very, very excited. I'm certain I'll adore it. I need to do stuff instead of just . . . existing as a Christian. You know?
    Maybe I'm not making sense. XD

  4. I know what you mean :3 Let us know how it goes!