Thursday, January 5, 2012

So Do It.

If there's one simple question I've mused over far too often, it's one I think a lot of people muse over a lot.  There are just so many possibilities that it entails.

What do you want to do?

I want to do so much. So, so much.

But what do I want more than anything in the entire world is simple, just like the question.

I just want to make something beautiful.

And yet, inside of that simple sentence, there is so incredibly much.

I want to use words that can reach your heart, for my dreams to be yours, for you to feel what I do, the tragedy, the beauty, the happiness, the million dimensions of the thousand things that go through my brain as I choose--carefully-- every word.  

I want to have a camera that captures the beauty that's all around us all of the time, and not only the outward beauty but the inward.  I want to capture the beauty that I see every day.  The light through the window.  The dandelions in the yard.  The sky-- vibrant and blue and so terrifically alive. I want to share the tiny things.

I want a pen that can capture life in its inky lines.  I want a pencil that makes someone hear a song.  I want colors that never leave you.

I want to walk into your life and help you realize that its all just so incredibly full of wonder, inspiring of awe.  I want to walk away and have you never forget that these things matter-- that everything matters.  Every single thing.

I want you to realize that that great big God out there is crazy in love with you and these things-- all of these feelings and pictures and poems and flowers and songs and thoughts and clouds are all specifically-- just-- for you.


So that it takes your breath away.

Christina Kuri Icarus