Saturday, April 14, 2012

&oh, look, it's april 14th

So if you guys would please pray. I just wrote a letter to a girl I know asking her not to commit suicide and explaining the gospel to her.
Also right now I'm on my lovely friend Jodi's computer . . . the same one she uses to write her blog posts. Hi, Jodi! I hope you're having a wonderful time at dinner.
As an update to my life, I'd just like to say that I thought I had a plan for next year and now everything's all cattywampus and I am being asked to choose between two very different paths.  Woohoo, growing up is super fun. *sarcasm hand*
I'm trying to find a job so that I can pay my way to Summit this summer.
I get to play an austere British woman in a play here in a few weeks.
And I'm about to graduate high school forever.
And that's about it.
Toodle pip~
Christina Icarus


  1. I will pray for her, i have dealt with suicidal friends before. currently my best friend has been diagnosed with major depression and anxiety, which is a hard thing for anyone to deal with.

    as for trying to choose between two paths, well take it from someone who has very little clue about life, and choose the path that will make you happiest! seems legit enough, right?

  2. Getting into plays is pretty awesome. I get to be the Executioner in our Alice in Wonderland play, so that should be fun. More on your play, please!

  3. I hope God opens your friend's ears and heals her heart. Also, I've missed hearing from you! And yay for plays. And Summit (still wanna go). And choosing between stuff is not fun. Graduation is stressful, and for me mandatory graduation pictures are blah. And yeah. I'm basically where you are ('cept not at Jodi's house). Oh well. Just count to ten and keep on going. God's going to work it all out.

  4. Just clicked on your blog from a list. I'll be praying.