Saturday, August 11, 2012

An evening in the commune

The evening is just starting to melt into a hazy dusk, turning the blues into greyish greens and heady midnights, looking fuzzy and far-off.  The air is cool, cooler than usual, cooler than it ought to be this time of year in such a hot climate but it is dry, so it's not too extraordinary.  Breezes whisk lightly through the alleys.  The murmurs of human life are just that, quieter than a usual dusk.  The curfew seemed to come earlier and earlier with every passing day of summer, the sun lingering in the sky, tantalizing all who wished to stay out and about against royal decrees.
The dallying sun is sinking fast and faster now, the night's colors creeping in behind it.  Soon it will be completely dark.
It is a good thing for the figure leaning in a shaded doorway.  The cover of darkness is her only partner. She must wait for it before she can achieve anything.

Mrrp. Just some bored drabbling. My laptop is currently screwed up and I don't have much to do. Could read (I was reading earlier, John Knowles, a bit of a true love of mine) but I decided to take a break.

Life's kind of getting to me lately. I need a great big vacation (and perhaps a little asprin. :] ).

Lots of love to you all~ Have a marvelous time with it,

Christina Kuri

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