Sunday, November 18, 2012

Roots Where You're Planted

If only my nightlight
was a sky light
instead of this godforsaken night life

But no matter how far you flee, you can’t outrun this state of mind
and no matter how hard you try, this is something that you can’t wish away

If only my sky was lighter
the ground flatter
Instead of recurring mountains

but what if the problem isn’t where you are
but a hunger inside you

If only I could get out of this hellhole of a town
If only I could get on a plane, go up, come down
in a place I’d never been, with people I’ve never seen

If only you could escape this horrid frame of mind
and hop the borders to contentment
You’d be happy wherever your foot falls

If only

But all I want to do is leave
and search for something bigger, greater
Something that isn’t here

All you want to do is leave

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