Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sometimes I Get Feelings and Write About Them

Sometimes I watch TV shows or play video games or see plays and these things give me feelings and I have to vent them, so I vent them the only way I know how, which is word clouds and poetry, and you get these little blurbs that are really quite angsty and tragic and since this is a thing that has been happening to me basically my whole life, I figured I might share some of them with you.

Take me with you
The blood red sky outside and the empty corridors are ringing and I can’t get away from them
I wish you would take me with you
I’d give anything to open that door and have you standing there, flushed and happy and ready to see me
Oh, please take me with you
I might not have known you that long but I knew you like few have known you, and you I
Can’t you take me with you?
Shivers ripple up my spine as I sit here alone, just remembering every single thing that passed between us
There’s nothing I want more
but that’s something I can’t have
I can’t have it
You can’t take me with you
and in fact I’ll never see you again
This blood red sky and the empty corridors are ringing with memories of you and I can’t open a door without hoping you’ll be on the other side and every time I introduce myself to another human being I can’t help but think that they’ll never mean as much to me because I’ll never see them all those ways I saw you in those worst five minutes of our lives, and the shivers still come because I’m still sat here alone
But I’ll always remember you
you’ll always come with me
at least
take me with you

My life is made of book ends
Once I was without you
And lived a very normal life

and then you appeared
you swept me away
                on the most beautiful
                                lovely adventures of all my life
and I actually fell
                most deeply and irrevocably in love
                                with you
And the rest of my days
                were spent not without you
                                but apart from you
                and the latter was much
                                worse than the former

I can’t figure you out.
You’re too enigmatic. There’s too much
going on and yet sometimes it
all just seems to stop in that high-
strung mind of yours and you age 100
And your eyes—there’s so much to
them but I can’t ever see what’s
just behind them to get an idea.
You’re an incredibly lovely being and all
I can say is that you stun me, surprise
 me, delight me, and scare me all at the
same time and I’m wondering how that
can be.
What’s that?
 . . .
It doesn’t matter.
. . . If you say so.