So here’s a page for memes.  If you don’t know what a meme is… well… I apologize.  I can’t really define them. :]
But you can read these!  And then maybe you’ll get an idea.
OC stands for original character.
And I think that’s all you need to know. ^_^

Writer’s Meme
Me.  Talking.  Just what you always wanted, right? :D
With two parts!

1.     What’s your name? Tell me a bit about yourself.
I’m Christina *waves*.  I’m sixteen now… which makes me happy just ‘cuz it’s an even number.  I can be a little obsessive-compulsive about rather a lot.  Like even numbers.  And certain words.  I say ‘ought’ a lot, instead of ‘should’.  I love music; I would go into it if I had any future in it.  I would also be a voice actress if I could.  I love people most of the time.  My friends say I’m cute.  I tend to have a lot in common with a lot of different people. My brand new laptop’s ac adapter says NOM on it.  And that’s probably all you need to know. :]

2.     When did you first find that you had a knack for writing?
People always said I was a good writer, and I enjoyed it a little.  I started writing more when I turned13, but my stories kind of died halfway through.  Then in October of 2009 I heard about this crazy thing called National Novel Writing Month through some friends, and I decided to go for it, like a crazy person.  Hey, why not?
Well, that pretty much changed my life.
Now I write all of the time.  No joke.  We can be riding in the car and I’ll jot down a poem (see Burnt.)  I can be in Chemistry class and have an epiphany inspiring a sci-fi story.  It can be my birthday and I realize I want to write something about random crayon colors.  All of these are true.  It just happens.
When I get an idea, and there’s a computer or notebook in sight, I have to write it down.  This all occurs much to my parents’ chagrin, who generally encourage sleep.
I also participated in NaNoWriMo again last year (2010).  I have more ideas than I have time for, and too much life to actually be a writer.  But I get around it… sometimes.

3.     Do you prefer poetry or prose? Why? Do you like both?
I have an affinity for both.  I love prose because I’m addicted to stories with engaging characters and vivid storylines. I love poetry because it’s beautiful and emotional.  If there’s heart in it, I’m reading it.  If it’s sincere, it’s on my list.

4.     What is it you enjoy most about writing?
My characters. I love them.  Most of them hate me.  They’re so colorful and alive, no matter how I feel they can come alive.  They’re their own entities, and I love them for it.
I don’t particularly like writing, though.  It tends to take over my life.  And try to control me.  It knows I’m supposed to be reading Plato’s Republic right now and quite frankly, it doesn’t care.  I can’t make it care.  It just resumes control at the worst and best of times.

5.     Do you enjoy roleplaying? If you do, do you use your favorite characters for it or make up new ones?
Roleplaying = love.  I don’t do it enough.   This should change.
Often times I use some of my characters.  Nikola’s wormed her way into more than she ought to.  Kaori’s been in one.
Most of the time, I just make up new characters for roleplaying games.  I love meeting new characters.  My RP characters tend to be more 2D than my book characters, but that’s typically just because I have less time with RP charries than others. 
Though two of my characters, Blaine/Caley and Laia, actually originated as RP characters. Laia will probably stay that way, but Blaine could have a future in a book somewhere, aside cameos.  Possibly.  We’ll have to see.

6.     When writing, do you think about the techniques you use and how they affect the reader, or simply write away?
Typically I just write away.  If I’m tearing up, I feel that the reader might be tearing up as well.  If I write something funny, I can only hope they’ll laugh at it too, as my sense of humor can be a little… well, bizarre. :]
Or weird.  Sometimes a character goes someplace and I’m like, “WHAT?!” That typically happens between love interests.  Or Blaine cursed once, and I was supremely amused for a few days afterwards. Don’t worry, I didn’t actually spell it out or anything.  But the idea was there.  It was… odd.  He thought I was stupid for reacting the way I did.
I once wrote something really creepy, and I wasn’t freaked out about it until I read it to other people, and then they freaked out, and then I realized: “Oh my gosh.  This is scary.”
I tend to surprise myself along with others.
As for techniques, I still don’t even know what’s going on with those.  I don’t try to put a lot in.  I doubt they show up.

7.     Do you feel bad when you write your characters in danger?
Heck no.  I hurt them when I’m bored.  “Hmmm, this battle scene is boring.  Here, your hip is broken now.  You were too happy.”
I almost cried when I killed the bad guy in Islander, though. Sneaky of him, I think.

8.     Do you have any particular influences?
I think Jessica Day George, Shannon Hale and Gail Carson Levine have probably influenced me somehow.  My creepy or sadistic stuff probably comes from my reading Steven Crane, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson.
I think reading Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli has affected my writing style.  We’ll see.

9.     Have you ever joined in on a collaboration with friends? If not/so, why?
I write a little thing for a newspaper about a superhero named Bananaman with my friend Iza-chan.   But a bigger story, no.  I wish.  I think I’ve suggested it to my friend TLR once, but we couldn’t come up with anything we wanted to write about outside of dystopia and irony.
I’ve always liked the idea.  It seems so much more creative, and how the characters interact could be fun. :]

10.   Do you show friends your work even if it is not complete? Or do you prefer for it to be finished before showing off?
If it’s very near and dear to my heart, I won’t show it to anyone until it is complete.  If it’s a story I’m just writing for the heck of it, like Kyle’s Story or Hitchhiker (which actually isn’t up here yet... hmmm), I’ll let people read it before it’s done.  Of course, the most applicable thing I’ve learned from being a part of an online forum is that if you let someone in on a half-finished project you’re just okay with, chances are they’ll love it.  And once your hardly-fueled fire of inspiration is out, they’ll be asking for more and more and more until you just wish they would stop.  Please.  Because you’re done with the story.  You know it could have gone somewhere, and maybe you’ve written one scene since the end… but you’re just done.  The story has become bleh to you.  And then you regret letting anyone read it in the first place. :]
So I make sure I like a story before I let anyone read it.  Except for one-shots, which are okay because they’re so short I don’t really care. :P

1. Who was the first character you came up with? Describe them.
The first ever original character (OC) that I came up with was not a book character.  She was a fan character from the video game franchise Sonic the Hedgehog, and her name was Tiamy.  Anyone familiar with Sonic will know that there are two girl characters in the series named Tikal and Amy, and she was a mixture of the both of them.  We played pretend, and she was my character.  She was kind of a ditz.  She said ‘I’m confused’ a lot. :]
I still consider her to count, though, because she made me realize, “Oh.  I can create my own characters.  I can make them rock just as much as the real ones.”  (Well, Tiamy wasn’t that cool… but I thought so at the time.)
She was the first Sonic Character that led to a torrent of new creations.  I had a ton of fun creating their personalities and watching how they interacted with others.  Some of my favorites remain Bumblebee Tessa Foxx, Toffee May Rabbit, D.T. (Don’t Touch.  No, you can’t know her real name.  Even I don’t know that.), Red Megan (Red Megan Ross, that is), Slick the cat/bat/fox and Leah Joy Fox (of no relation to the other Foxx.  I was kind of addicted to the last name Fox as a kid.) … whereas some are better left forgotten, like Diana the Dinosaur, Bruise, Rebel, Tangle, Dusty…
I had dozens. I still have almost every picture I’ve drawn of them.  And I haven’t even gone over all of my cannon OCs… Lightning and Thunder, Rachel, Angie and Aaron, Icie, Ninge, Rubi, Amanda, Veronica, Mirage, Jason, Matt, Leo…
They all pretty much inspired my book characters, in some way or another.  I owe them all a huge round of applause.  I could talk about them forever… but I guess we should move on now. :]

2. Do you feel you know your character inside/out?
No.  I don’t feel like I know any of them inside and out.  Not even Blaine and Nikola, the ones that are more well-known to me than the others.  For example, Nikola used to be rather show-offish, and now she’s not so much, but it might be coming back.  Blaine used to work as a pizza delivery kid.  He would go into music if he could.  All new things I’m just learning about them, and that’s just two of the multitudes…

3. What makes your character angry?
Typically what makes me angry.  Unless they just have anger management or impatience issues, in which case anything can tick them off. 
Injustice gets to them a lot, albeit they all have different definitions of justice.

4. Do you think about why they are as they are or are they so just because you want them to be?
I think about them the way that they are.  If I try to impose my own feelings on them they turn out wrong.  You know how, when you’re making pie crust and you work it too long, it turns out not flaky and nummy but gross and wrong?
It’s kind of like that.
But I’d appreciate it if you didn’t eat them.

5. What do you like most about this character?
Oh, am I supposed to be answering it about one character?  Fail. Well anyway.
I like it when my characters do the unexpected.  Like Nox and Vega absolutely freaking out about parched corn in the middle of a breakfast scene.  Or old man Garrulous randomly spouting, “Positive as peanuts!” (Well, actually, I was pretty mortified when I came across that the second time around.  But now it’s kind of funny.  If not embarrassing.)
I like it when they’re caring for one another.  That always makes me smile.  And cry.  They’re kind of like my kids in that respect.  “Aww, look who you’re turning out to be!  I couldn’t be more proud!”

6. Does your character resemble you in any way?
Lonely in Islander is very much like me.  She’s actually me transmogrified into the text.  She talks like I do, and acts like I do, and pretends like I do.
Hero is actually a little bit like me too, in how spacey he can be.  He’s so darn cute. X3
I think all of my characters do little things like me, somehow.  Except for maybe Nikola.  She’s just weird.

7. Do you have any shamelessly Mary-Sue characters?
Hero.  I feel like even though he changed throughout the duration of the novel, it was in an incredibly Mary-Sue-Ish kind of way.  He’s just boring and almost perfect.  I love him for that, though.  He’s the greatest. :3

8. Where did you get the inspiration for this character?
For my loverly Gary-Stu man Hero?  I got the inspiration for the whole story from a Falling Up song called Islander.  He was just who he needed to be for the story… he didn’t really ever come as alive at the others.  Hopefully in the re-write. :]

9. Do you have any tips for wannabe writers about creating a believable/good character?
Don’t take tips from other wannabe writers.  We’re all just fish floundering on stones.  Some of us reach our puddles of inspiration and marvelousness, and other ones just flop lamely.
It’s all in where you’re aiming to go.  You try to reach that puddle, you might make it.  You try to write good characters, and you might get there.  You flop around aimlessly trying to pretend like you want to be a writer, like you want realistic characters, you’re not going to go anywhere.  You’ve got to try, and sincerely.  Be real.
And that’s all the advice this wannabe writer thinks she can give you right now. :]

Nikola, Blaine and Key Meme
The three of them answering questions interview style.  Or Cbox style, for you nerds. 8]
With brief bios!

Pick 3 characters, and have them answer the following questions accordingly.
1. Nikola:
A thief girl with attitude.  She’s about 17, and she’s been around for the longest of these three characters.  She’s short and thin, with black hair and black eyes.  She has as near to no morals as a person can, and doesn’t care about anyone or anything except for herself.  She can do anything she makes her mind up to do.  Or maybe she only makes up her mind to do what she can do.

2. Blaine:
A 20-year-old with angst issues, to put it simply.  His real name is Caley; Blaine was the name of his brother.  They were almost the same age, but Blaine was possibly murdered when they were 5.  Caley assumed Blaine’s identity and pretended that Caley was the one who died.  He left his family when he was 14 to travel the world looking for his brother’s killer. He still pretends to be Blaine, though.   Blaine is carefree, cheerful, but reserved and mature, and Caley is quiet, reserved and sophisticated.

3. Key:
A replacement character for Link in the Zelda franchise.  She’s about 17, from the Twilight Princess world.
She glomped me when I told a brother I was the Heroine of Time.  Her story is basically that of Twilight
Princess but rewritten so she’s the main character.  She’s spunky and hot-headed when she needs to be, but otherwise fairly normal.  She wishes she could be girly, but feels like she can’t because of her circumstances.

1. Number one, what was your childhood like?
Nikola: Boring.  I was smarter than the other kids, so I let myself develop another ego to hide behind as I watched those older than me to figure out how I could best manipulate them when I got older.  I just acted like a sissy around the other kids so they would leave me alone.  And they did.  Kids are stupid.

2. Character number three, if you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be? (It can be something regarding your personal history, or something that is in the history books.)
Key: I’d make myself a boy!  Good grief, being a girl is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

3. Number two, would you rather be immortal and eternally miserable, or live a mortal, blissfully peaceful life?
Blaine:  Well, seeing as I’m mortal and eternally miserable now, I’d settle for mortality, bliss and peace.  That would be really nice.

4. Say, character number three, how much do you weigh?
Key: Hey!!  That’s not  a nice question!! >////o
Nikola: Answer.
Key: Why do I have to?!
Me: Cuz I say so.
Key: AUGH. >////<  Um… a little bit too much?  But only because I’m muscular!  I swear!!
Me: That would be about 150 pounds, since you’re 5’6”.
Key:  Oh, is it?  Well, what does Nikola weigh?
Nikola:  Around 100.
Key: O/////O WHAT?!  So I weight like 40 pounds more than you?!!
Blaine:  You’re also half a foot taller than her and you work out.
Key: I guess… >//////>

5. Have you ever loved and lost, number one? I'll bet it was your fault, wasn't it? Tsk tsk...
Nikola:  No.  Don’t be imbecilic.  I’ve never been in love because I can’t be.  In fact, of all three of us, only Caley ever has.
Blaine: :_:
Key:  Wait, what?  Have you lost her?
Blaine: :_:
Key: Was it your fault?
Blaine: :_;
Key: Ouch.
Blaine: this is Nikola’s question.  Moving on.

6. Oh, no character two!
Key: And this one’s your question.
Blaine: Shh.
You've just strolled into a department store to admire the lovely washing machines when a guy with a nylon stocking over his head runs in and holds the whole store at gunpoint! How will you save the day? (If you are a coward and do not wish to save the day, what do you do upon Stocking Head's arrival?)
Blaine: Heh.  >:]
Key: ?
Nikola:  *rolls eyes* He’s trained himself for this stuff.
Blaine: I’d ask him to leave, and if he didn’t, I’d probably try to talk him out of it.  If he held onto the gun, I’d break his gun arm and have someone call the police while I pinned him to the ground.
Key: …
Nikola: He’s also a showoff.
Blaine: Not.  She asked what I would do.  And that’s what I would do.

7. Number Three, tell your best "Yo Momma" joke.
Key: Yo momma?  What is that, even?
Blaine:  Crass ghetto humor.
Key:  Okay, so what’s ghetto?
Blaine:  You basically just insult someone’s mother, starting the slur with ‘Yo momma’.
Key: Oh. Like… *ethem* yo momma… uh… smells bad?
Blaine:  Not really.
Me:  Good enough.  Moving on.

8. Who is the one person you cannot live without, character number one? Why? (Please don't say Oprah, please don't say Oprah...)
Nikola:  I can live without anyone.  And everyone.  I don’t need people.  They just get in my way.

9. Hey, number two, tell me one of your deepest, darkest secrets. To make you feel better, I'll tell one of mine: I don't have any deep, dark secrets.
Key:  Ach, this is embarrassing.
Nikola:  No.  I already know his biggest secret. So does *thumbs Me* she.
Key: … You spend too much time together.
Nikola: Tell me about it.
Blaine: … Um…
Nikola: It’s not that hard.
Blaine:  I’m trying to think of a deep dark secret that isn’t the one that defines my very existence.
Key: ?  I don’t like being out of the loop.
Nikola:  Too bad.  You always are.
Key:  Rub it in, why don’t you.
Nikola: I just did.
Key: *glare*
Nikola: *impassive*
Key: *turns to Blaine* so?
Blaine: I’m chasing my brother’s killer across the world after assuming the deceased’s identity.
Key: … Oh.
Blaine: *curt nod, goes back to thinking*
Me: You’re taking too long.  Moving on.

10. All characters: What kind of music do you listen to? Do you play any instruments? If so, which ones? (Yes...the kazoo counts. Your nose, however, does not.)
Blaine: Classical!  Nothing like an orchestra.  Beautiful.  Exquisite.
Nikola:  Music is a waste of time humans use for purely emotional reasons.
Blaine: *glare* And, as you are an inhuman with a stone for a heart, music means nothing to you.
Nikola:  If you want to put it that way.
Key:  Um, well, I can play an ocarina, a harp, bagpipes, drums, and guitar.
Blaine:  *raises eyebrows, slightly impressed*  Wow.  Classically trained?
Key:  Well, no.  I taught myself.
Blaine:  *slightly less impressed* Oh.  Well, are you very good at them?
Key:  Sometimes.  Depending.
Nikola:  I play the harp.
Blaine:  *surprised* So you do play an instrument!
Nikola:  I was a noble’s daughter.  It was a requirement.
Blaine:  I thought from how you reacted you hated music.
Nikola:  It’s useless.  I said nothing about an inherent dislike of it.
Blaine:  So perhaps you do enjoy it?
Nikola:  While I was at my harp, playing mindlessly gave me time to decide what I was going to do next.
Blaine:  So you had time to decide how you were going to sneak out and steal something else.
Nikola: Or what I was going to do with something I had already stolen, yes.
Blaine: *sigh*
Key:  What do you play, Blaine?
Blaine:  My brother used to play violin and cello, so I picked them up.  I myself am trained in piano.  If I could, I would be studying it professionally now.  I’m quite good at it.
Nikola:  And he’s conceited.
Blaine: I simply acknowledge when I have talent.  Isn’t that what you do?

11. What is the most annoying thing in the world, character one?
Nikola: People.
Key: Ouch.
Blaine: And she’s a jerk.

12. Finish the statement, number three: Art is...
Key: Interesting.  I love going new places and meeting new people because they all look so interesting and artistic.  It’s one of the only perks from my job.

12. Finish the statement, number two: People are...
Blaine: Not rising to their full capabilities.  People can always do better, but they are either too lazy to try or don’t think enough to realize it.

13. Finish the statement, number one: Imagination...
Nikola:  Only comes in handy when I’m on the job.

14. All characters: Out of the three of you, who is the most outgoing? Reserved? Humorous? Stinky?
Blaine:  Most outgoing would be Key.
Key: I’m not that outgoing, guys. 
Blaine:  But out of the three of us, it would be you.
Nikola:  Wrong.  It would be you.
Blaine:  Oh.  I suppose, if we’re talking about me as a whole.
Nikola: We are.
Key:  Right, because Blaine is outgoing.  But not you?
Blaine:  Correct.
Key:  Huh. … so, most reserved?
Nikola:  Caley.
Key:  I see that.
Blaine:  Most humorous?  Key.
Key:  I’m not that funny, either.
Blaine:  Nikola is only funny when she is insulting someone besides you.  Which isn’t often when you’re in her presence.
Nikola:  I don’t live to entertain.
Blaine:  Technically you do, since you’re a character in a book people would read for fun.
Nikola: If she writes down my story, then she is the one performing.  I just do what I usually do.  I don’t live to entertain anyone.
Key: *cough*
Blaine: … What are you from, anyway, Key?
Key:  Um… a video game fan fic?
Blaine: … oh.
Nikola:  So that’s the only reason you exist.
Key:  *defensive*  No! ….. well……. Yeah.
Blaine:  *ahem*
Key: So!! Most… stinky?
Nikola: We don’t smell.  You can’t sense us with normal senses.
Blaine:  But if we could be sensed?
Nikola: Key.
Key:  What!?  Why are all of these me?!?!
Blaine:  Two of them were me.
Nikola:  Caley lives in a relatively clean environment, I don’t allow myself to get dirty, and you run around in the wild with a heavy sword all day.  You’re bound to be the worst smelling.
Key: >> Gee, thanks.
Blaine:  *sarcasm* she tries.

15. Quick, Number three! Write a poem!
Key:  What?!
Me:  You heard her.
Key:  You mean I heard you!! …. Um… here goes…?

Running through tall grass
And jumping large rocks
Hacking with swords a gelatinous mass
My boots are now sopping but I brought extra socks
It’s me doing boy’s work
But no one seems to mind
Except for Ilia, who calls me a dork
But she’s just trying to base me with her kind
The Hero of Time was a long time ago
But the Sage’s mustache would curl
If he looked out to see in the snow
The one wielding the Master Sword is somehow a girl!

Blaine: Not bad, on the spot.  You’d need to fix it if it was for real.
Nikola:  I have no opinion.
Key:  Don’t critique it!!  It’s bad enough I had to write one!! >////<

16. What is your favorite word, number one?
Nikola:  Jaguar.  It’s sleek, dark and invisible, like me.

17. Character number three, what is one weird thing that you can do? (i.e. wiggle your ears, fold your tongue, play 'amazing grace' with your armpit...)
Key:  um… I can… sumo wrestle. o////o
Blaine and Nikola: o.o
Nikola:  I’ll admit it.  That’s weird.
Key: DX I had to learn or I couldn’t get up the mountain!!!!!!!!!
Blaine: *ahem*
Key:  I promise!!!!!!!!!!!

18. Speak any other languages, Number Two?
Blaine:  I speak a little French, but not much.  My mother had French family, and we would stay in their summer house in Versailles occasionally.

19. What is your nationality, character number one?
Nikola:   I come from a country that she tells me is a little like your ancient middle east mixed with Renaissance and middle ages England.

20. Pick, number two: asparagus or canned peas? Please elaborate.
Blaine:  Asparagus.  It’s not bad, and I never eat canned vegetables.  It’s… below me.

21. What scares you the most, character three?
Key:  Honestly?  The thought of being the Hero of Time forever.

22. All characters: What is one thing you would like the world to know about you?
Nikola:  Does the world want to know about me?
Blaine: *at Nikola* No.  *at Me* I’d want them to know that they shouldn’t pretend to be someone else because they don’t know how… *pause* It’s hard for me to find an age-appropriate word that would succinctly describe it. *thinks* How… nightmarish… it can really be.
Key:  *under her breath* that wasn’t about you…. *normal again*  I’d want them to know that this wasn’t my idea, really.
Key:  Well, then. I’d want them to know I’m not trying to take Link’s place…
Key:  I mean…. Link’s cool with me.
Me:  YOU—
Key:  Fine!  I’m not taking his place.  Only for one time.  Maybe.  And that’s all.  Maybe.
Blaine:  In other words, you don’t really make any promises.
Key:  Yep.